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from Zoric the Divine Guardian of Gorum:
+1 light fortification hide armor
+1 anarchic spear

10 breastplates
10 +1 great swords
10 +1 composite longbows w/+4 str modifiers
200 arrows
Ovinrbaane (great sword - detect magic fails)
3 potion cure serious wounds
+3 full plate w/masterwork armor spikes
+2 keen battleaxe
+2 amulet of natural armor
+2 belt of physical might (str & con)
ring of protection +2
+4 cloak of resistance
headband of inspired wisdom +2
+3 light fortification hide armor w/+2 dragon bone armor spikes
+3 heavy steel shield of arrow catching
55395 gp worth of gold and gems
+2 belt of incredible dex
+2 headband of vast int
2 salves of second chance
+2 bracers armor
bag of holding type 2
quiver of 50 +1 arrows
50 +1 bolts
+2 belt of giant str
necklace of fireballs type 2
2nd level pearl of power
one dose restorative ointment
ring of counterspells (enervation)
full wand of heroism
horseshoes of speed
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Didn't we agree that all of this is Solske's?

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yup -- then the charterholder has the task of selling most of the items, and distributing the wealth fairly across the party. (Artifact not included.)

I saw somewhere that a good way to keep major loot distribution more fairly even is to identify and separate any items that should count as party loot, and "sell" ALL items not identified as party loot -- even stuff individual characters definitely want -- then distribute the gp value evenly. After that, characters who want specific items "buy" them at half price out of their share. If they decide they would rather spend the money for something else, the items actually gets sold. Downsides could include: really big-ticket items that the overall party might need later could get sold off because the character that would be expected to "buy" it chooses to blow it off in favor of buying something else; or such an item might be cost more than any one individual can afford after splitting; or one character having to buy items at the expense of other needed items. (Suppose the Paladin must spend every dime he has to buy the +5 Holy Sword, because without it the adventure has no chance of success -- but that expense means he has no armor or other defenses, and he dies and the sword is lost because he's not properly prepared...)

Under this concept, we've been doing it wrong all this time -- but I would say the party is better equipped overall, despite some imbalances that may have occurred in net distribution.

Just an idea...

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I've also copied this treasure list to the "master treasure thread" Berwick started.
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