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SESSION #41  (August 19th)

still S&S 101!

We met with Ethra the lich-witch, sat down for a nice dinner.  Io wanted shrimp...the wine was particularly delicious! We remained cordial, and bided our time; the food was *not* poisoned, and we were proper guests. After dinner, Ehthra and Tag retired to the temple of Cwamin (while Io ran back to claim the biggest bed!) -- and discussed who would be the first sacrifice from our group...

Avey found the (unused) kitchen, and busted open the ancient cooking oven's flue -- we have a way out! The flue leads into a fissure in the underground stone; we cannot get through in our normal form, but Wind Walking out is now an option!

The party gathered in the kitchen, but a wraith was in attendance -- watching our every move.  Io managed to convince the wraith Moradin's conjuring with the staff was just part of making a big meal -- until we all suddenly became misty!  Then we took off for the flu (Tag got nailed by the wraith's opportunity attack -- but made his CON save).  We dashed through the fissure, finding ourselves in a system of fissures and caves: we wandered (at high speed) for hours, completely lost. Neither Argent nor Moradin could see, so travel was difficult through the darkness; Moradin's Driftglobe helped a little, but we move so fast when Wind-Walking that obstacles are illuminated just barely in time to dodge them. Often backtracking from dead ends among the twisted fissures, we also stumbled upon occasional underground chambers -- at first they were obviously part of Ethra's complex, but eventually a natural, unused cave passage gave us hope we were getting away.

Tag (on point) finally Wind-Walked into a vast cavern -- but then he was so distracted surveying the sudden expanse that he plowed right into a massive stalactite: he was KO'd by the impact!  While Io stayed with Tag (and the blind paladin and druid), Moradin dove down to find the floor. There is a forest of giant mushrooms below, with numerous sheared off (!!) giant stalagmites scattered among mushrooms caps -- as if a massive blade had swept through the reaches of this underground region...

We nudged the unconscious Tag down to the flat surface of a very large sheared-off stalagmite, then Avey used 'Channel Life' to get Tag back in action.  From there, we flew (a little more cautiously) above the mushroom canopy, following the direction of a wind draft -- hoping to find a way out.

Before the Wind-Walk expired, we found an especially large, sheared off stalagmite to camp out on.  Io took 1st watch -- but an hour into his shift, he spotted some phase spiders, and started shooting at 'em with his longbow. There seemed to be quite a population of various types of spiders here, and they started attacking in mass! We slaughtered 'em for a few rounds as they came up our stalagmite, and they seemed to stop advancing on our perch. We could see a veritable an army of spiders -- but once we stopped shooting the ones that weren't climbing to our perch, they just watched us from separate stalagmites. 

LONG REST HEREAll party members went up a level!

session ended here -- we rolled for recharge, and the Staff of Gracious Movement was fully recharged (as was Io's new Ring of The Ram)

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SESSION #42  (September 16th)

S&S 102 thru S&S 106: The party wandered (Wind-Walking) around for 3 days, lost in the Underdark, then one day the Staff of Gracious Movement did not charge up enough -- so we holed up and waited for the travel staff
to recharge.

S&S 107: We got up early, started Wind Walking, and wafted until we smelled ocean: we came out on the side of a sea cliff...

We flew up to an altitude where we could see the perpetually flying dragon -- well north and west of us.  We are wa-a-ay south!  We flew north until the Wind Walk spell ran out, landed on top of a cliff where a river shoots out of the cliff face; a swamp above suggests the underground river is backed up a bit where is shoots out.  We camped out among some trees in the swamp. A storm swept through late in the evening, with much thunder and lightning. The night passed without incident, however.

S&S 108: (drizzly and cold)  The travel staff attained full charge!  We Wind-Walked over FellShore (a suburb appears to have formed!), and on to Port Harbor.  Our first stop was Brother Ely:  he wants us to immediately destroy the lich-queen!  We left Tag with Brother Ely, to gather more details.

Io went to see "The Cook":  there seem to be a lot of extra "chefs" in the kitchen.  He seemed disturbed by news about a possible undead army; Io suggested he contact Brother Ely if Io never returns.  On the way home, Io replenished his supply of Healing Potions (purchased 3).

After lunch, we Wind-Walked back to the dome: the hole we punched in the outer wall was still there, so we continued to Wind Walk, all the way to grave room.  We had to materialize to open the grave with stairs down -- where an undead beholder was waiting for us -- which zotted the paladin with Enervation.  Io readied a rope for everyone to climb down.  Then he ordered Argent and Moradin to jump after Tag, jumps, so Tag can Feather Fall 'em along with himself -- but they delayed a split-second too long, and fell the whole 80'!!

We shot the zombie beholder to death, then Avey used a Prayer of Healing to fix us back up a bit.  Then we hiked down, making it past the super-cold zone and into the swamp area: it's been filled with debris, so it has over-flowed and flooded much of this level. Luckily, Avey had prepared Water Walk again...

The dead adventurers we threw in here previously tried to bother us, but we destroyed 'em without much problem.  We proceeded up from here, making it all the way to where the zone of darkness was before -- now we can see a couple of stone doors in there.  We went the other way, into the chapel.  No flaming skulls (we holy-watered 'em before), and the doors to the EHP rooms are still standing open.  It looks like the EHP's have evac'd.

The room that had the two wraiths before looks like an army has moved through it!  They've already deployed the dead-ite army!!  Gnome snuck in, found huge cavern with several empty stone "chests", and Misha has been chained here.  She told Tag that she's being punished for helping us, and cried out that it hurt's.  We ran in, and Io promptly put her out of her misery.

The quarters area was dead silent: all the undead in the walls have been terminated. Otherwise, this place has been completely abandoned. After searching the whole place, we had just enough Wind Walk time left to get us home.

S&S 109 -- last day of the Sun & Shade season!: (still drizzly and cold)

First thing in the morning, Avey prayed for and cast Divination:  the gods told him that we will definitely not see the lich in the next week.

Io was called to the garrison: they asked him to help train and prepare the troops for possible war. Due to his sense of responsibility (and lawful nature), he will be out-of-action for a while...

The rest of the party also found themselves taking on responsibilities -- reflecting their increasing stature in the community -- that may prevent adventuring for a while.

Luckily, Spontaloneous Jack has been recruiting while we were away. Also, Io has met with Beorg a few times in the last couple of months (for archery practice), and he now believes the ranger has mellowed (and gotten over Mr Oldman's perfidy) enough that he can rejoin Sterling Edge (as one of the founders, Beorg was always technically a member of his guild), and help out by being part of a sort of 'B' team (whilst the 'A' team is busy)...

session ended here

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SESSION #51 (March 24th)
(NOTE: sessions 43 through 50 are all B-Team sessions...)

Wind and Colors day 16 (rainy and cool)

The senior "Edges" used the staff to Wind-Walk, arriving 1 mile north of the lich's dome -- only to find a lot of kobolds taking over the dome! There was scaffolding going up the side, and an encampment to the south. The two dragonborn, Argent and Io, made friendly contact; the kobold's leader allowed their semi-kin into the dome itself. The clutchmates scouted as far as the big drop to the lower levels, then went back and got the rest of the party. (Whilst the 2 dragonborn were scouting, the others grew impatient and assassinated a couple of kobolds high in the scaffolding...)

After we got the party back into the dome, we descended the 80' rope -- but then some kobolds untied our rope and dropped it down to us, and a whole bunch of 'em sealed a large stone over the hole!

We wandered the lower levels, and got to the teleport point without issue: the whole place has been abandoned since our last visit. After casting Bless on all party members, we went through the teleport circle -- arriving in a nasty swamp. Many lizard folk -- and one undead humanoid -- happened to be waiting for us! They made it all the way through round 3 before we wiped 'em out.

We could not tell where we teleported to -- clouds and mist obscure the sky completely. We can, however, make out where an army came through about a month ago; we followed that meandering swath.

After a couple of hours, we came across an area of sulfurous fumes; within a minute or two, we found a humongous black dragon! The two Dragonborn immediately parlay'd with "Eechor the Maimed": he told us the lich is leading it's army north. He also granted Io an orb of great power: it requires THREE people to attune to it, but those three can then use it for some kind of major creation power...

We got out of view of the ancient dragon, then Wind-Walked back to Port Harbor -- marking the army's location as we went.

Back home, Argent used Divine Sense on the orb: nothing. Then Anton cast Identify on the orb: at is strong in *every* school of magic -- and gives a sense of primordial creative power! We can make practically ANYTHING! Avey attuned to it (one of three, to learn more about it...

Later that evening: a pale humanoid construct came to talk to Argent -- whilst the paladin was guarding the orb in our vault -- and wanted to acquire the Orb of Creation. Argent turned him away.

Meanwhile, the amazingly attractive dragon born prostitute (the succubus that Io became enamored with in the Nine Hells) showed up and seduced Io, to trick him into giving up the orb; Io managed to divert her with a night of passion. In the morning, the she-demon charmed Io and stole his key to the vault as he went down to relieve Argent; that charm is why Io stopped Argent from killing the succubus! A lot or arguing & shenanigans ensued, while Argent tried to protect the orb!

We wound up with the chest of dirt that makes an anti-magic field set outside the vault, with Argent locked inside to protect the orb. This thing draws a lot of unwanted attention!

session ended here...

1,200XP awarded

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SESSION #52 (April 21st)

Wind & Colors day 16 (same day as session #51)

Having wind-walked (alone) to Dominic's library, Avey researched the orb he had just attuned to: he determined he *could* end his attunement via the Remove Curse spell, if he really wanted to -- but not what other consequences might ensue if he did so!

Meanwhile, Argent dozed as he guarded the orb, and had a prophetic dream: a vast armada of refugee vessels entering Port Harbor, with massive numbers of desperate and forlorn passengers seeking to escape some dread darkness closing in all around. Argent sensed a strong flavor of Damina in the sea itself, and the season seemed to be early spring...

With Io's key compromised in the hands of the succubus, the sergeant commissioned a new lock for the vault door -- a double-lock affair, with one set of keys handed to Argent and Avey, the other keys held by Tag and Moradin. The locksmith will have the locks ready around the 26th day of Wind and Colors season...

Avey had to walk back from Dominic's labs: he finally arrived back in Port Harbor on the 21st day of W&C. The wise leaders of Sterling Edge promptly had a major staff meeting (of just the senior staff), and we decided the best way to protect the orb would be to use it. There was a 1 hour recess for Moradin and Tag to attune to the orb; then we voted to use the power of creation to create a protective field over Port Horbor. The idea was to emulate a giant Hallow spell, 1 mile in diameter, thus keeping out all undead (not to mention celestials, elementals, fey, fiends...). The material components include: a corpse and the sacrifice of a large animal; holy symbols from each of the good-aligned gods; 5 gallons of blood each from both fey and fiends: and 100gp worth of each element (air, earth, fire, and water). It was decided to send the junior agents to fetch the blood of fey.

Note that the junior agents had a tenday of downtime, and each accomplished various downtime activities. (Beorg crafted a HEALING potion, and our triton secured property rights in the sea bed of the harbor...)

Wind & Colors day 22: (cloudy, with storm rolling in late in the day) Tag cast Wind-Walk on the 'B' team, which promptly headed to the beach south of Fellshore, and trekked through the dungeon there to Cwamin's shrine; from there, they use the gate to transport into the ruin of Brencia's shrine. Climbing out, the party destroyed a wood wode that insisted none from the ruins may leave.

Beorg quickly found the trail of fey (or so he claimed), and lead the team through the woods to the woodcutter's camp. Finding it abandoned, we set up a really good lean-to and camped there just as a heavy storm moved in. Redcaps attacked during the night (they are quite dangerous)! We defeated them -- and got our first gallon of fey blood from their corpses...

session ended here

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SESSION #54 (May 24th)
W&C day 25 (clear but windy):

The senior partners Wind-Walked all the way south to Ichbold's wizard's tower in El Trask: upon arrival, we found the place populated by a bunch of assholes...we flew away a bit, landing about a mile north of the tower. Norm cast Clairvoyance in the old wizard's office: a big goon orc was at the desk, and some human guy seemed to be directing the orc's examination of a map...

We Wind-Walked back to the tower, materializing at a location adjacent to the tower that seemed to be unobserved, around on the other side from the main door. Io opened up the fight using his Ring of the Ram, nailing an archer for 40 points! Quite a battle ensued -- these 8 guys were tough! We got pretty beat up, but no badguys got away. We got rid of the enemy bodies by using the portal book to open the way to the pyramid, tossing the bodies around the pyramid's portal point. We captured the map the big orc was using in the office: it details badguy patrol patterns in the town of Two Sisters.

Next, we opened the portal to the wizard's lilbrary, Norman and Tag proceeding in (with extreme trepidation) while the rest of the party watched from outside the portal. Norm cast Detect Magic -- *everything* still glows! Motes of evocation magic began to converge on the intruders. Quickly exploring, Tag noticed an untouched hidden panel on a lower level: his Mage Hand pushed it's way into an ancient hidden space. A creature that looks like a young female hobbit was bound and gagged within: she appears to have been living trapped here for decades. A high collar of hard material completely prevents speech -- and looks extremely uncomfortable (especially wearing it for decades). The shackle also hobbles her wings...unable to remove her bindings -- and eager to get out before too many evocation motes converged on their position -- they tried a few languages and found she speaks gnome-ese: she nodded consent to have Norm cast Levitation on her. Then the three of 'em got the heck out of the library.

Once they were safe with the rest of the party, closer examination of the collar revealed some writing (also in gnomish): "sacrifice to unlock". Avey sacrified some of his own blood, dripping it on the shackle -- and releasing her from its cruel grip. Taking it off tore flesh with it, as it had adhered and grafted to her skin over the years...

Argent's Divine Sense picked up celestial on her at first, but then a mix of fiendish and celestial as we tore the device from here skin. She appears to be a sort of "celestial/fiend chimera"...Her name is "Kwanzhaa"...she sez Ichbold purchased her from the medusa in the Nine Hells -- over 200 years ago! Before that she had spent her life running from her demon father -- who wants to kill her. She doesn't even know her mama...

(evidently a love potion was involved in the union that created her)

session ended here, with us wondering what to do with this being.

1,100XP awarded

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SESSION #55 (June 2nd)

still W & C day 25 (cool weather)

We interrogated Khwanzaa (the angel/devil hybrid): she doesn't remember her mom -- some kind of spheres tended her during childhood. We took her to the ziggurat: at first she ignored the dead bodies we had just dumped here, and just showed us the room where Ichbold experimented on her. She claims she was unaware of any other victims of Ichbold: it was always just her and Ichbold. On the way out, she ate the guts out of one of the dead orc guards we had dumped here -- she has some disturbing eating habits!! We took her back to the manor next to Ichbold's tower, to get her a change of clothes (from Shine's bedroom). A signal horn sounded down the road a ways...we found a shift-change schedule, with a note about signaling between shift changes. We realized we had to move on soon...

We decided to take Khwanzaa with us to the Nine Hells. As soon as we were on the streets there, we asked the first merchant cart we came across (a fat, hairless, dwarf-like chef critter) where we might find some fiend blood...also, Io purchased a bowl of tiefling-meat stew from the street vendor...

We then went to Willard's place of business: he tried to stiff us! He did not have any actual demon blood...

We went up to the 4th floor: a devil named "Vio" sold us 4 slave demons! We can bleed them at our leisure...

Meanwhile, Io traded away his rapier to get 30 platinum pieces -- and purchased Akra (his succubus girlfriend)!! Akra is now free to be Io's real girlfriend -- or any thing else she wants to do: strangely, she chose to marry Io!
(the marriage ceremony seemed pretty legit, and definitely binding)


We ported back to Ichbold's tower, and trekked an hour away to camp out -- Tenser's Floating Disk laden with corpses. In the morning, we WIND-WALKED back to Port Harbor, carrying corpses over our shoulders...

Avey sent the newlyweds to a nice bridal suite in the Yellow Door Inn! (probably as much to get 'em away from the paladin as to celebrate the nuptials)

The next morning (Wind&Colors 27), we gathered at our office -- Akra took Khwanzaa to get acquainted outside of our offices...

We met with the princess: she wants to shield out only undead. This makes it a little more difficult to accomplish the ritual to use the creation orb. While she was with us, she anounced her plan to declare herself -- and declare her soveraignty over these lands! We agreed to support her declaration of sovereignty, and our guild (Sterling Edge Investigations) swore fealty to her.

Over the next two ten-days, those who were not willing to declare fealty to the princess were shipped out, and the rest agreed to offer support at the sovereignty ceremony/orb activation ritual (this gave the orb-masters advantage on their checks to activate the orb...). The three casters conducted the orb activation ritual -- and succeeded! as of WIND & COLORS day 48, Port Harbor now has a permanent shield vs undead....

In the weeks leading up to the ceremony/ritual, all characters spent 20 days of downtime:
- Beorg ran his guide business (and just broke even);
- Io and Akra honeymooned;
- Moradin studied the gnomish language;
- Tag learned dwarf-ese;
- Argent played acolyte (and avoided the newlyweds);
- Norman and Chum farmed;
- Alton started a brewers guild.

(Kilduran and Tabby have not determined downtime activities yet...)

1,200XP awarded!!

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SESSION #56 (June 30th)

Wind & Colors day 55 (windy & cool) -- the eve before the Festival of Laupaca!

Having gotten a few tendays off (a nice honeymoon period for Io and Akra!), Sterling Edge's month of downtime ended when "Alice" delivered a missive ordering the guild to send representatives to a major guildmoot with the new Queen. Argent, Avey, and Moradin were chosen to represent the guild -- with Sergeant Io along as "scribe".

We learned a variety of things at the meeting:
- nearly half the garrison -- including Lt Almer -- has sailed for the mainland;
- Lt Rove is in command of the troops left in the garrison;
- "The Cook" (present in full plate armor) is now the queen's "Prime Council";
- the Gold Coats -- and Gwen The Farsighted -- were "outed" (must depart Port Harbor);
- the food stores -- desparately needed to survive the Long Night -- are at risk...

After the main Guild Moot, the queen asked Sterling Edge to stay behind for further briefing: she wants us to advise the Elo Enclave that they must still consider themselves her subjects; however, their community will not receive protection from Port Harbor's military unless they repent their 'heresy'. She also sez that -- aside from half the garrison leaving to fight in the civil war on the mainland -- conflict in that far-off land should have little effect on life in this new realm of hers...

She expressed some concern about Akra and Kwanzhaa -- both have aspect of fiends, and she asked us to keep close-hold on their true nature. Her agent, "Alice" (apparently more of a position rather than her name) will become a regular at our tavern -- partly to help us keep an eye on our two potentially dangerous wards, and partly to replace "The Cook". Now we don't have to wander across town to contact our connection!

The queen also asked that we investigate the possibility of making an alliance with the elves of the forest several days ride north of Port Harbor...

W&C day 56 (gloomy and stormy)
Because weather conditions made Wind Walk a bad idea, the senior partners -- plus "Chum" -- walked the road to the Elo Enclave, arriving well before lunch. The citizens of that village didn't seem to be concerned when told they are subjects of the new queen, yet will not receive protection. We spent the rest of the day there.

W&C day 57 (first snowfall of the season!)
Striking out early once again, we found the ground fully covered by a few inches of snow, and it snowed on and off most of the day. We trekked north for several hours without incident, until late morning -- when Io stepped into a trap, which triggered an attack by several shambling mounds. There was quite a fight, but no casualties.
After lunch, the weather got a little harsher. During a particularly bad snow-squall, we were harassed by an invisible stalker -- sent to kill Tag! Fight was particularly dangerous because the thing could strike, then disappear into the storm...Io manage to nail it with his Ring of the Ram, and the rest of the party got in enough hits to take it down (Tag was quite beat-up though)...

session ended here

1,300XP awarded

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SESSION #59 . (August 25th)

end of Wind and Colors day 57:

at the Dryad's glen, Moradin made a pretty nice snow fort for the party to weather the storm in...

Wind and Colors day 58:

We trekked through bizzard conditions for 8 hours, expecting to hit the forest about that time -- but no trees yet: we were a little bit lost! we had to go another hour to hit enough trees to call it forest; luckily, nobody gained any levels of exhuastion...

Wind and Colors day 59: the snow ended during the night -- but instead of clear and clean, the morning atmosphere seemed kind of green and acidic. We quckly figured out there's a green dragon around, and we are in the region that is considered its lair. We started travelling north, hoping to get out of the dragon's territory before it bothered with us, but within in hour a pointy-hatted fey appeared and told us to turn back. We protested, and he agreed to lead us around his bit of the woods -- 4 hours of rough terrain later, we reached the southwest corner of his domain, and he sent us north from there. The heavy woods made for hard going, so we probably hadn't gone much more than 5 or 6 miles.

We paused for lunch (SHORT REST), and proceeded as directed.

Within an hour of resuming, we heard a roar behind us: the green dragon seemed to be headed for us from the south. We trekked until we found what we thought was a defensible postion, and readied for battle...

The dragon was not a full-grown adult, and we laid into it pretty hard -- it fled within a few rounds of our heavy abuse! We decided to pursue, since it was prob'ly headed straight back to its lair.

Within a few miles, we encountered a heavy thicket, perhaps half-a-mile across. As we entered, we discovered the place was rife with shambling mounds! As we battled the vegetable fiends, greeny showed up to take advantage of the fray the Shambling mounds had caused -- but we turned all our attention on the injured worm, and felled it before it could flee again.

we ended the session eager to raid its lair...

1,550XP awarded

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SESSION #60 (29 September)

still Wind & Colors day 59 (it's either still snowing, or there's just a lot of blowing snow)

approaching the green dragon's lair, we picked up a hint of sulfur mixed in with the acidic tinge that permeates the rest of this area; perhaps there are sulfur springs nearby? Io did his Animal Friendship think with a local bunny rabbit: after some difficulty with communication, he was able to get the exact location. a crater with trees bending inward provided excellent cover -- but there was something more to this: ruins of an ancient structure, with marking in draconic. With some reading, Io and Argent came to the conclusion there was once a temple here, used by dragonborn.

Further exlporation revealed a giant, invisible bowl was sitting askew where the crater was -- probably once a clear dome atop the now ruined temple, now an invisible basin. A creek was flowing into the lowest side of the bowl: the water did not appear to leave. Perhaps a hole at the bottom? Or does the clear material act like a sponge?

Alton discovered if one pushes on the invisible surface, one gets pulled in! Passing through the thick force field is a highly dehydrating experience, and one comes out the other side parched and gasping for air (cannot breathe while head is inside the dome's "material"). Perhaps the dragon routinely went through this "membrane" to enter and leave its lair...

We re-routed the stream, figuring this would allow the dessicant-like material to absorb all the water over time. By nightfall, there was some reduction in the water level.


Wind & Colors day 60 (same WX as yesterday: it's either still snowing, or there's just a lot of blowing snow)

In the morning, the water was down by about a third -- 10 feet lower than yesterday. By lunchtime, another 10' down. By this time, we had learned the anti-magic dirt suppressed the force field: we lowered the two half-pound bags onto now-exposed surface, and created an opening leading through to the space below.

A heavy, pungently sulfurous pall greeted us in the great hall below. over 100 feet across, the huge worked chamber had a dragon nest built near the center. Passages lead of in various directions -- not east/west/north/south, but in seemingly random angles. Tracks of dragonborn suggest the dragon has several slaves or worshippers, perhaps over a dozen; numerous torches are burning, so they've been through this area within th epast day. Two of the passageways hdd no footprints going to 'em. Considerable debris scattered throughout the large space suggests the locals are slobs.

Tag scouted down a passage leading southwest: there were mud-filled rooms, that looked like they had once been part of a nursery for rearing dragonborn. At the end of the corridor, Tag could make out dragonborn chatting: a very large creature sat facing in, blocking the doorway to that room -- even sitting, it filled the archway to the top.
Next, our scout checked the super-stinky passage leading southeast: a midden, of course. But a moan from that way drew the halfing in. Holding his breathe he crept his way, identifying the bodies of some centaurs who had been flung in -- and one surviving centuar, horribly manacled, moaning at the far end. Tag reported his findings, and Moradin ventured into the gross muck to fetch the poor soul. Io and Argent moved to the nursery passage, hoping to keep those dragonborn from coming out and surprising us -- but something had alerted them already.

A CLAY GOLEM CHARGED OUT! It blitzed right into Argent, tearing into the paladin viciously: Argent gave better than he got, however, with all of his smiting blows landing -- and one a critical hit! Between that and a couple of hits by others, the construct was destroyed before it got another strike. Several dragonborm warriors tried to follow, but Io manage to bottle them up in the corridor, and they fared no better than the golem.

Before the enemy leader died, he pulled out some kind of crystal, barked orders into it -- and destroyed it. The crystal was a gloem control token, and he had ordered all remaining golems to attack everything when activated. With the control crystal destroyed, we knew we had to avoid activating any golems in the area...

We found a RING OF SPIDER CLIMB on one of the dragonborn warriors.

Of course, we promptly discovered a room full of golems, 4 of 'em, at the end of another nursery passage leading northwest (on the other side of a secret door). We closed the door immediately, and they did not activate; evidently, they activate when the room is entered. We did note some stairs leading up from that room: perhaps an alternate way in and out of this place. We also noticed somebody had pulled up our bags of anti-magic dirt, sealing the hole we had made in the massive inverted force-dome!

One last nursery corridor lead northeast, with a well at the end: a secret door at the end leads to a geo-thermal vent, jetting super-heated steam into the space within.
With our way in removed, we had to consider options for departure. Going through the golem room sounded pretty challenging, what with them now programmed to attack everything if disturbed (nd we don't even know where those stairs go...); the geo-thermal vent probably only led downwards; pressing through the force-field required holding one's breath for nearly a full minute -- and who knows what waiting on the other side?

In the end, we chose the latter. By the time we made that decision, it was late enough we decided to sleep first.

We chatted with (what was left of) the centaur Moradin had rescued from the midden: he was an important leader of the centaur forces, and his torture was commensurate to the value his enemies atrributed to him.


Wind & Colors day 61 (weather unknown)

Before we slept, we got better acquainted with the surviving centaur -- who we "called 50-centaur" -- and learned a few things: For many generations, the centaur clans have joined forces to battle the dragonborn incursion. If the hadn't, the black ones would have taken over the whole land. The result is that normally peaceful centaurs have now bred for war for a couple of centuries. The elves just let the two sides go at it, so neither army has any love for the tree-dwellers. He may be able to help foster a centaur alliance with Port Harbor...


1,300XP awarded (leaving Io exactly *6* XP short of 9th level!)

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SESSION 61 . (October 13th)

Wind & Colors day 61 (cold but clear)

While Argent, Chum, Io, and Moradin had to hold their breath (Io used up his potion of Water Breathing) and push through the force-dome, Tag just Misty Step'd through -- and Avey used his CAPE OF THE MOUNTEBANK to get both himself and the nearly crippled centaur through.

A band of dragonborn warriors -- the ones who pulled up our bags of anti-magic dirt -- were waiting for us. Quite a fight ensued, and the centaur we rescued was killed in the fray (he was very aggressive, rather weak, and unlucky in this battle).

We captured one of the dragonborn, instead of killing him (ostensibly for turning over to the elves). We pushed our prisoner back-and-forth through the force barrier a few times, ensuring he was too exhausted to be a flight risk.

We discovered these dragonborn were carrying fabulous tribute to present the dragon -- including some powerful magic items!!
- EFREETI CHAIN! (eventually donned by Argent)
- HALF-PLATE OF RESISTANCE! (carried to HW, then given to Beorn)
- RING OF CONTROLLING WATER ELEMENTALS (Moradin glommed onto this)
- RING OF DJINN SUMMONING! (promptly snagged by Io)
- RING OF SPELL TURNING! (worn by Chum)
- ROBE OF THE ARCHMAGE! (also went to Chum)

We attuned to our new toys, with Chum requiring two short rests for his two items. Much of the day was spent studying the fallen enemy, looking for their journals, and trying to interrogate our prisoner (to no avail).

We set up our camp about quarter-of-a-mile from the dragonborn's ambush site, hoping to avoid any follow-on forces arriving late. Instead of dragonborn, a bunch of banderhobs (with a couple of giant toads) attacked in the middle of the night! after a difficult battle -- during which Moradin got swallowed, and Alton fell several times -- we finally prevailed. and finished our night's rest.

1,663 XP awarded

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SESSION #62 (October 27th)

Wind and Colors day 62 (sunny & windy)

Over breakfast, we played with our new magic toys; we also asked Tag why so many assassins are after him (we didn't know, after all, that he reneged on a promise he made to the lich)...then we headed north...

We WIND-WALKED back to the wind tower -- the anti-magic sand bags are still containing the explosion -- then continued to the elf woods...along the way, it occurred to Tag that the anti-magic dust can be used to create something...

The elves were friendly. and sent us to entreat with some centaurs for food -- while they set up an elf-moot for the last day of Wind-&-Colors.

The centaurs were taciturn, until we mentioned the name of the centaur we rescued...then they set up a meeting for that evening...while waiting, Io summoned Peter Griffon for some aerial recon (the sight of the griffon upset the centaurs a bit)...Lucky for us, Argent did well when he sparred with a centaur champion, and earned some tribal respect for his martial prowess...

The evening meeting was held over a feast: Io regaled everyone with the tale of their fallen hero -- and rolled a nat '20' on his perform check! After providing good cheer for all, Io then entertained children for the rest of the evening.

Moradin had a personal palaver with the tribe's leader: a congenitally crippled centaur -- who cannot even speak! She cast a spell that plunged her and Moradin into some kind of demi-plane. The spell involved Moradin eating the cripple's heart...


Wind & Colors day 63 (sunny & cold):

Moradin woke to find the crippled centaur dead, lying right next to him! Meanwhile, a teen centaur led Io to the new leader: while the two leaders chatted, Moradin staggered up and announced "our tribes are joined"!

They stated we could take the winter-grain we need -- but suggested we watch-out for the frost giants and their goats...

Io summoned DJ (the djinn in his ring) for the first time! After the mighty being teased us about summoning him for a grain-collecting mission (instead of for combat, which is what he expected...), DJ cast WIND-WALK, and joined us on our flight to the grain fields. When we got a few furlongs away, we found that a great snow storm engulfed the area for several miles around the fields. We had to materialize before reaching the grain -- but just as we entered the storm itself, a bunch of yeti were waiting for us! They made for a tough fight: Avey actually fell in battle before we defeated them...

After that fight, we took a short rest -- skinning a goodly supply of yetiskin during our brief sojourn. Also, Moradin reported that when tried to Wild Shape, he turned into a centaur!

We plodded through whiteout conditions for a couple of hours, finally coming upon the sound of a giant cowbell. We strode forward until we encountered badguys -- FOUR frost giants! There were many critical hits during this fight, including double-crits by both Io and one of the giants...we defeated 'em, but their hard-hitting clubs had left some nasty bruises...

Io harvested some winter wheat, while Moradin rounded up the giant goats -- which Io spoke to, convincing 'em to wind-walk with us back to Port Harbor

session ended here.

DM awarded 3,900XP!!

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SESSION #63 . (November 10th)

(After a discussion about utilization of inspiration, we carried on with:) Wind and Colors days 63 (blizzard still in progress!)

Our Staff of Graceful Travel did not fully recharge, so we could not Wind Walk this day; we took the opportunity to harvest more wheat. The bells on the goats was making a lot of noise -- it apparently attracted more giants! We heard a horn signal -- so Io replied with a little tune on a Giant's horn we has previously captured (DM gave Io inspiration, which now grants + 250XP!) -- soon, we heard battle cries!

Another patrol of FOUR-giants showed up within a minute: with successful castings or BANISHMENT and HOLD MONSTER, we managed to destroy all 4 hard-hitting giants with no casualties -- but then we heard even more giants coming! Io knew we had used enough resources on the first fight that we probably couldn't handle a bunch more of the big goons. We scattered the noisy goats, and Io ordered Moradin to try using his superior speed to lead the incoming band of giants away to the north, moving quickly and sounding our giant's horn to pull 'em that way.

The rest of the party headed south, with a dog-leg on our route to throw the trail off some more (DM gave Io another inspiration + 250XP...). Unfortunately, the giants got lucky on their perception checks, detected the split, and divided their large group to both north and south. The south-bound party split up running, and did some chase scene action...we all managed to escape, except Argent -- who refused to run when Io engaged one that caught up with the paladin; Io tried to lead it away, but paladin and giant were determined to fight to the death -- Argent (barely) managed to defeat the wounded giant.

As expected, Moradin easily out-ran the giants that pursued him to the north...he circled around to rejoin the south-bound party. Unfortunately, the druid chose to follow our tracks when he found them...

Io bivouced in the snow, while the others met up and built a proper shelter. Moradin, who was following the same tracks the giants were, was accosted by giants in the night:

W&C day 64: (cold and cloudy)

In the morning, Io summoned DJ -- who used aerial reconnaissance to re-unite the party. DJ reported the site of Moradin's demise, and gave us the druid's arm -- with Moradin's Ring of Controlling Water Wlementals still on one finger-- and an Amulet of Health that was near the arm...

DJ cast Wind Walk on the party, and departed for his home. We tracked the giants which killed Moradin, catching up with them just as they entered their village...too many giants to act further, so we Wind-Walked home.

Along the way, we stopped at the Mega-Dryad's woods, and asked about REINCARNATION for Moradin: she asked for 2,000gp, so we did it!


5,230 XP AWARDED (*plus* 500XP for Io's two inspiration awards -- and an extra 5,000XP for Argent, for accidentally soloing a giant!)

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SESSION #66 (January 26)

W&C Day 68

Beorg et al trekked from Fellshore to Port Harbor first thing; upon arrival (just after lunch), Beorg found himself reporting 50% casualties from his expedition: Io was not happy in general -- and particularly disturbed that Beorg was ignored when he called for retreat...

That night, Io attuned to the ORB o' TONGUES UNSCRIBED; a couple of other seniors attuned to an orb each as well.

W&C day 69 (super cold after a clear night)

After an early breakfast, Io summoned DJ to cast WIND WALK on the senior members of the guild: we stopped in Fellshore on the way to the area of the ranger patrols, then proceeded to the copse of trees described by Beorg as the location of the latest wyvern sighting...sure enough, there were a couple of wyverns -- and more came when we attacked the pair...enjoying his new ORB OF TONGUES UNSCRIBED, Io made sure to use a different language for each word of his battle cries (he can speak "anythinglish")...

SHORT REST after the battle...

We had a nice wyvern-meat mid-morning breakfast, then trekked south, looking for signs of the scouts we were commissioned to find: we started finding recent cut marks on trees, suggesting ranger operating in the area...we headed inland, and eventually found a spot where two (or more) soft-booted humanoids left tracks...

Our druid interrogated a squirrel, which reported several fanged humanoids came through -- mostly females!

We went back to the coast, and headed south; we came across a major river, and espied smoke from several campfires upriver: we stealthily traveled west on the north bank, and spotted a fairly large encampment of female orcs on the south bank...continuing up river (on the north bank), we found a place to ford -- and the decapitated body of one of the scouts nailed to a tree: we've learned the fate of another scout!

Wind-walking over the tent-city of orc women, we returned to the coast about a mile south of the Wetfoot river; the winter weather south of the river is wet but not quite frozen.

We continued south along the sea-cliff, looking for signs of another scout...wyverns flying offshore seem to have decided to leave us alone...a weathered stone in a meadow caught our eye. Moradin became a badger, and scouted it: it's the nose of a huge, reclining giant.

Continuing south along the coast, we spotted a copse of particularly large trees -- leaning in towards each other, the way the one's at the dragon's dome did. Badger scouted, reported warmer, humid air flowing from the center of the copse -- and a rope tied to a tree, leading down a shaft (10' in diameter). Moradin turned into a giant spider, and Tag cast INVISIBILITY on the druid -- then he climbed down to see if one of the scouts dropped a rope to explore below...the bottom of the shaft is 90' down, and there's half a guy hanging on the rope: his bottom half has been ripped off, entrails trailing to the floor -- and then what was left of the poor guy was petrified...

We camped about 100' from the hole: Avey took first watch. Thanks to his superior perceptiveness, he heard faint howls echoing from the cave below...Io could make out words cried in an evil tongue: isolated utterances of pain, sorrow, death, & dismay...the sound of the raw emotion of doom, given voice...

We moved our camp another quarter-mile away!


In the morning, Io summoned DJ, who (after creating a delicious breakfast) descended into the shaft -- and never returned! In fact, Io's Ring of Djinn Summoning suddenly became non-magical: DJ died! (AND IO LOST ONE OF HIS FAVORITE MAGIC ITEMS!)

Io wanted to verify the dead guy had insignia of the Greyhooves: Tag bravely cast INVISIBILITY on himself, courageously ventured down the shaft (not really), and reported (falsely) he had seen the dead guy's greycloak insignia -- 4 of 5 scouts are now accounted for! (Tag rolled a nat '20' on his DECEPTION check!)

session ended here...

DM awarded 1,416XP each

250 extra for Io, Chum, and Avey!

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SESSION #67 (February 16th)

Wind and Colors day 69 (starts cloudy, light snow early morning, then winter storm intensifies through the lunchtime-- full on blizzard by afternoon!)

In the morning, Beorg was looking for new ways to make himself useful after loss of his hand: he pulled the HAT OF DISGUISE out of party treasure, and attuned to it.

Later that afternoon, hanging around Thorne's and watching the snow pile up, Beorg started eyeing the crowd for new guild recruits (feeling slightly responsible for recent casualties): a tough-looking 1/2-orc (Jonathan's new barbarian, "Jim") readily caught his eye...

A fight between two early drinkers broke out in our bar: when Tabby joined in, all hell broke out! But then, Quanshi (our freaky demon/angel pal) came out of the kitchen: weapons were drawn by a few of our more freaked out patrons -- and lethal damage was inflicted on her! After dragging one guy outside, Beorg used his new HAT OF DISGUISE to look like a bastalla cop, and went in to break up the fight...most offenders fled...Jim made friends with the lumberjack he was punching ("Greck")...

After going out the back door as a cop, Beorg went around to go in via the front door as himself; along the way, he noticed tracks in the alley -- somebody was spying on our little businesses venture...

When Beorg resumed his place at the bar, a gnome (Warren's new wizard character, "Erik") revealed that Leckerton sent him to join our guild, so he was promptly signed up.

day 70 (heavy snowfall)

One of Thorne's breakfast waitresses got Beorg up early, fetching him to meet with an early patron; it turned out to be "The Alice": a dead guy with "GIVE US TAG" carved into his chest was found in an alley nearby. Beorg rousted up Tabby and Thristan, and followed Alice to the corpse: It's the 1/2-orc's new pal, Greck, message on his chest -- and a symbol of Cwamin carved into his forehead...with his special orb-sight, Thristan could see Greck's spirit lingering near the body -- looking angry and surprised...

Beorg set about trying to track the murderer: a couple of blocks up the street, some blood trace clued him to a lump in the alley: one of our other patrons, that the "cop" (Beorg in disguise) had let go last night; he also had "GIVE US TAG" carved in flesh, and symbol of Cwamin on his forehead. Just as with Greck, Thristan could see this one's spirit lingering here -- but there was another sad spirit here, which tipped us to open the nearest sleep hut: another body (a prostitute), same carvings on chest and forehead -- and lungs are missing on this one! Beorg recalled that there were lungless followers of that lich we visited...

We took the bodies -- through the whiteout conditions -- to Cwamin's temple; we were waylaid by a trio of bone naga along the way...

Brother Ely explained the symbol on forehead causes the spirit to stay near the body in anguish -- and if the symbol gets damaged, the spirit is released as something horrible (a banshee?)...this must be prevented!

We battled three more bone naga on the way home...we planned to get the remaining body from the bastalla, before they mess with the symbol of Cwamin on its forehead!

660XP awarded (+ 250 each for Beorg, Erik, Thristan for inspiration)

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SESSION #68 (March 2nd)

it is still Wind and Colors day 70 (still snowing)

After Io's Ring of Djinn Summoning disintegrated, the team briefly pondered an immediate return to Port Harbor -- but since we now have to trek everywhere on foot (the staff of travel, our portal expert, and now DJ are all gone...), we decided we might as well continue our search for the final missing Greycloak scout while we're already out here.

It was mid-morning when we started our trek south from the copse of trees with the doom-hole; after about an hour, Avey spotted a solitary figure sitting by a small campfire. This proved to be the Greycloak fellow we seek -- but his lungs have been removed, and he is now some kind of revenant (glowing red eyes, etc): Tag promptly "Steve-ized" it. This new Steve reported a village nearby has been wiped out by something horrible; he seemed very nervous about something (especially for a dead guy)...

We set out for the village Steve mentioned: within minutes, half-a-dozen flameskulls attacked us (they've been following Steve)! 6 fireballs in the first round was pretty hard on the gang, but we managed to wipe 'em out with no casualties (Avey fell briefly, but the paladin's Aura of Vitality got him back on his feet)...

after that fight, we needed a SHORT REST -- so we had a nice 2nd Breakfast.

Steve led us to the edge of the Bilgewater swamp: as we approached, Avey spotted a pair undead giants peering out of the forest surrounding the swamp. When we attacked the giants, 9 skeleton archers and half-a-dozen minotaur skeletons immediately emerged from the woods...these things really liked crit'ing Io (three quadruple-damage crits in two rounds!), but we eventually managed to wipe 'em out -- even Steve helped a little! Even so, at the end of the battle, Argent decided to destroy Steve (who was pretty tough!)...

SHORT REST for lunch.

Proceeding to the burned-out village, we quickly determined there's nothing living in this place anymore...we found a pile of lungs on the street...Io went into one hut -- and was immediately attacked by a really tough undead (vampire spawn)! We went around burning out all the remaining buildings -- wiping out about 20 vampire spawn that afternoon (a few at a time -- they had little chance against us with the sun shining on 'em)! Meanwhile, Argent's steed scouted the area around the village: several platoons of undead seemed to be patrolling.

With all the Greycloak scouts accounted for, we set off to return to Port Harbor; first, we headed to the coast and camped put. On 3rd watch, a platoon of undead (4 wights, 3 vampire spawn, and a wraith) attacked; Io one-shotted the wraith with a 3-charge CRITICAL HIT from his Ring of the Ram! With the wraith gone in the first round, the rest of the undead weren't too much of a threat...

after the battle, we completed our LONG REST.

3,390XP awarded for this session -- +250 for Io and Moradin, +500 for both Argent and Tag

Io is now 10th level! (barbarian6 / fighter4)

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SESSION #69 (March 16th)

Wind & Colors day 72 (sunny but cold)

After a nice wilderness breakfast -- and another of Io's inspirational tales of army life -- we headed north-northeast. Io recently figured out a few good techniques to accelerate our wilderness travel: despite troublesome winter terrain, we made 25 miles the first day. We noted that a lot of animals that would otherwise be hibernating were fleeing northbound, clearly trying to stay ahead of the massive army movement to the south. We camped just a few miles south of the Wetfoot River. That night, during 2nd watch, a disturbance -- all kinds of scurrying animals (bunnies, deer...even a pack of wolves) -- alerted Avey and Chum to approaching monsters; a large pack of heck puppies attacked! They seemed particularly interested in Tag...

It turns out the heck puppies were actually fleeing from an even greater menace! Close on the heels of the fire woofers, a rotund sort of pig-demon (Malfeshne) appeared. After a hell of a fight (pun?), we defeated the thing, and went back to bed.


Snow & Ice day 1 (brisk weather);

The party finished a long rest, and listened to Io's usual war stories; setting out on our north-easterly trek, we chose to bypass the she-orc camp. We crossed the Wetfoot at the ford we used a few days ago -- the rest of the day was uneventful. We camped just one day short of Fellshore...

That night, during last watch, quite a number of cranium rats attacked -- and were wiped out in short order by our increasingly cranky, sleep-interrupted gang...

Snow & Ice day 2 (also rather brisk)

After a fine cranium-rat breakfast (and Io's story of army life), we had an uneventful hike to Fellshore -- arriving just after sunset. After collecting our bounty from the Greyhooves (500gp for the guild), we recommended they evacuate the town -- before the army of undead arrives! Then we rapidly trekked through the evening (starry skies) to get home. Thanks to Io's new high-speed travel power, we could plan on making it to the city in just a couple of hours.

The road was rutted and torn up (difficult terrain), the effect of considerable traffic between Port Harbor and Fellshore despite winter conditions; halfway to Port Harbor, we spotted a large creature digging by the road...Io moved up to talk -- and got waylaid by several bone nagas! He could then see the big thing (a devourer) wolf down the whole body of some unfortunate traveler, then move in to join the fight -- on the side of the nagas. That guy could hit for a LOT of damage! After a hell of a fight, we managed to drop 'em with no fatalities on our part...

We only got another half-an-hour on -- almost the outskirts of Port Harbor -- when we came upon a one-armed figure sitting on a wagon. The obviously possessed dead body commented on our last-mile -- in Ethra's voice -- and demanded we surrender Tag. Then, TWO melfeshne teleported in! Luckily, Avey's BANISHMENT spell got 'em out of our way before they could do any harm...

The session ended with us staggering into Port Harbor near midnight on the eve of Snow&Ice day 3

DM awarded 9,766XP (plus 500 each for those who gained inspiration during the session: Io, Keros, and Avey)

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