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session #7 report [message #2555] Mon, 02 March 2020 21:18
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SESSION #7 . February 29th -- leap day!

26 Mirtul: After bif'ing the quetzalcoatl, we camped on the bank of the Tiryki river...

27 Mirtul: In the morning, a team of four scouts (Bond, Darwin, Tebin, and Zill) trekked ahead, proceeding east (directly towards Mezro); our purpose was to clear the way for those carrying our boats, being portage'd by our hired guides ("Flask of Wine" and "River Mist"), with plenty of assistance from Koopa and Moss...

We soon realized several winged lizardfolk (called pteramen -- the Fire-Finger tribe is a community of pteramen) were circling above the jungle canopy, and might spot our passage through the foliage; Zill cast PASS WITHOUT TRACE to improve our ability to sneak past them -- but within a couple of hours, one flyer spotted Darwin, and dove in with a couple of his friends. We managed to kill the three of 'em -- but they raised the alarm, and half-a-dozen more arrived in short order. The four-man scout team wound up fighting for our very lives! If it hadn't been for Tebin's gladiatorial prowess, the forward patrol would have been lost...as it was, we were pretty torn up (although Tebin was uninjured)...

(the team managed to earn 320XP for every member of the party!)

After a short rest for lunch, instead of heading east into Fire-Finger territory, we headed southeast, intent on going around; this trek took us into unexplored territory! Within a few hours, we encountered a trio of ZOMBIE girillons...plus some bat swarms. Another tough fight...

(DM awarded 450XP to all party members)

With Zill at one hit point, and no healing left in the party, we could go no further; luckily, Ms Moneypenny found a cave for us to recover overnight in.


28 Mirtul: before sunrise on 3rd watch, *eight* "zorbos" (nasty sort of koala/monkey monsters) attacked -- they infiltrated into the cave right past Tebin (who was on watch), and hit the sleepers just as the gladiator raised the alarm! During the ensuing fight, ZILL DIED! (having only 1 hp going in did not serve him well...). The survivors did manage to wipe out the zorbos...

(another 160XP each)

we finished out the long rest we had started...and woke up to find Zill's body has re-animated!

(10 more XP for each party member)

session ended just as we started a nice breakfast of zorbo-bacon -- with a side of Zill-meat?

every PC now has 4,715 experience points

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