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session #8 report [message #2556] Fri, 13 March 2020 23:18
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March 7th

Mirtul 29th (heavy rain): after breakfast, we encountered a lizardfolk ranger, "Ss-s-slu-oot" (Jake's replacement for Zill), hunting for undead. We explained that we needed a guide to Mezro, and he readily joined our party...

We slogged through the heavy rain, angling toward the border region between Fire Finger territory and undead-infested jungle, then due east...we completed mapping the hex south of the tribe...

An hour into the day's hike, we noted some evil-looking monkeys following us -- then they did a nasty psychic attack, stunning Tebin! (and badly hurting him...) After we took the psychic monkeys out, we slogged on -- the rest of the day was uneventful! We completed mapping of the next hex (east-northeast of previous hex)...

Late in the day, we spotted an apparently abandoned stone structure, covered in vines...S-sslu-oot sensed no undead...a week-old dead body in a forgotten temple (to Ubtao) lay next to a dagger...there was a pouch with 10gp -- and Bond pilfered another 15gp from the shrine. Then each PC tossed a gold piece into the shrine, and we each got a single-use CHARM OF 'FLY' (one casting of the FLY spell!); the NPC didn't give up any gold for this boon...we spent the night in the shrine...

LONG REST HERE (uneventful night!)

30 Mirtul (hot and humid): in the morning, we ate goodberries for breakfast, and headed out of the shrine -- but as we passed the threshold, all the monkey statues in the shrine activated: they didn't want us to leave with the coins Bond had taken! During the ensuing battle, THEY KILLED TEBIN!! (if only he had pitched a coin in, and gotten the Charm of FLY...) Darwin used his charm of FLY to try to save Tebin, but it was too late...Bond used his charm of FLY to zoom around out-of-reach above the monkey golems, and blasted 'em to oblivion (now the shrine is safe for subsequent looters)...Bond took a short rest while the rest of the party buried Tebin and the other dead body -- while blaming Bond for stealing the coins from the shrine...

(Ss-s-slu-oot till has his Charm of FLY available...)

we headed east...thanks to S-sslu-oot's Primeval Awareness, we were able to avoid trouble for the rest of the day.

LONG REST HERE -- a hungry T-rex approached our camp in the night -- MoneyPenny fed it a goodberry, and it went right to sleep, right there in our camp! We (barely) managed to sneak away from that camp site -- and got lost in the pitch dark jungle! After ten minutes or so, we had to just throw ourselves down in a makeshift camp, and hope for the best. Luckily, the presence of an apex predator sleeping somewhere around here kept other threats away...

1st day of Kythorn (another hot and humid day): we had to "sleep in" to benefit from a long rest...we broke our makeshift camp, dodged the T-rex some more, finished exploring the hex, and advanced into the next hex...


2nd of Kythorn (hot and misty): we explored the hex, which has Mezro on the other side of it. As we mapped and took notes, we noted a tabaxi seemed to be following us; we called out and introduced ourselves. "Rain on Banyan" told us Mezro is quite the empty, and the Olung River runs through the jungle south from the ruins -- he said after a few days by river boat, the river ends up at a lake south of Kir Sabal...

(good thing our guides -- with help from "Mist" and Koopa -- are bringing our riverboats a day behind us!)

the rest of Kythorn 2nd was unremarkable...arriving at the ruins late in the day, we camped at the edge.


3rd of Kythorn (light rain): we got up early, and got our first view of the ruins; we could see some of it is submerged. The 4 main roads that criss-cross the layout are more like canals, and the docks are underwater...


session ended here -- next up, we pick up mid-day on the 3rd of Kythorn, with THE EXPLORATION OF MEZRO!

950XP AWARDED! . (everybody is at 5,765XP)

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