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The Story So Far... [message #612] Sat, 10 July 2010 16:43 Go to next message
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I'll be posting a recap of the previous session here for Lt's perusal. Please feel free to post anything I leave out.
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Thanks Col.

<3 Lt
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The Cracked Fang Exploration Company was relaxing after the events of the last several days in the inn where they had rooms. Over the course of a morning three different couriers came in to give the party messages. The first was from Duke Waldemar Vaught inviting the group to his estates for dinner. The second was from Mayor Hans Borst inviting them to do the same. The third was addressed to Father Daluka calling him away on church business.

Bereft of the Father's council, the group debated on which invitation to accept for a time before concluding that they had unfinished business with the Duke as well as the fact that he has a higher station than the Mayor, thus, accepting his invitation and politely turning down the mayor. The group hired a carriage to take them to the duke's estates (around 3 hours outside of Siegsburg) and waited for nearly 2 1/2 hours before he arrived with Mr. Kemp (the man who dresses in Savillian fashions). Some light conversation preceded the meal including a rousing recap of the dragon-slaying by Raul which entranced even the stoic Mr. Kemp. The meal was served with Raul receiving the coveted delicacy of a fawn's eyeball by Vaught. After the meal the conversation turned to far deeper subjects.

The duke started off somewhat slowly just asking about the group's history as well as individual histories; however, it wasn't long before he was asking very dangerous questions about where people stood in the revisionist/traditionalist controversy, how they would feel about a united Gochrim, how far they would be willing to go to see that happen, if they think Gochenfursten Fischler would make a good leader for a united country, etc. It became clear throughout the conversation that Duke Vaught is very much interested in uniting the principalities under a single government. It also became clear that very actions would cause him pause while pursuing this conviction. Although both the group and the duke were somewhat tactful about how they discussed the more delicate matters of state, Mr. Kemp came right out and stated that Gochenfursten Fischler was a moron and wouldn't make a good leader for a country.

The following day the group met for dinner with the mayor. He warned them about the duke and claimed that Vaught was a dangerous man who has been blinded by his passion for a united Gochrim. He also told the group that he had arranged for a group of sages from the southern border of Gochrim to arrive in Seigsburg the following day to determine whether or not the head The Cracked Fang brought back was, indeed, that of a dragon. He arranged this through the use of an artifact that the government had acquired allowing near-instant travel. He also offered one of his guest houses for the group to utilize as he anticipated the crowds getting much worse over the next few days after the announcement of the scholars. Only Raul accepted at first. That evening Raul and the mayor spoke until well into morning hours with the mayor, again, warning him about the Duke's machinations.

Beatrice and Marius went out the following day to the city library where they did research on dragons. There were some titles that proved useful (including the one penned by their fellow party member, Father Daluka) and a conclusion that whatever the creature was, it was very very similar to some kinds of dragons but the oily black smoke that seemed to trail behind it as well as the black ichor in lieu of blood made it an almost certainty that it was one of the beasts that were becoming increasingly frequent within Gochrim.

Father Daluka arrived at the guest house looked haggard and exhausted. When Raul questioned him about where he had been the priest was unwilling to discuss what had transpired over the last couple of days and simply said that he had a lot to think about. Raul left it at that and allowed Daluka to rest and recover his strength throughout the day while he went down to the city hall to found out what was happening with the scholars who were supposed to come. With the aid of a man named "Kook" and several of his friends, Raul made it to the city hall without being overly molested by the thick screaming crowds. He was greeted inside by the mayor and, shortly thereafter with the aid of the artifact, the scholars arrived. Three were fairly nondescript but the fourth was a member of the clergy named Father Carrif (later, when questioned, Daluka would say that he knew Carrif by his reputation as a scholar only...in fact, he referenced several of Carrif's works in his own treatise on dragons). Over the course of the day and into the next it became apparent that the sages were deadlocked with Carrif being the hold-out as far as recognizing the skull as belonging to a dragon. When Beatrice and Raul came back the following day (again with the aid of Kook) the duke seemed to be waiting for them downstairs. He simply said "congratulations" to them both and left. It was a short time later that the mayor came down beaming with the news that the scholars had come to a consensus. When he started the announcement to the throngs of people outside of city hall he only got as far as declaring the members of The Cracked Fang Exploration Society as dracheneisen (not including Madeline du Bissett) before the crowd when absolutely wild and nearly deafened the party members around the area.

Deciding it was a good idea to get the heck out of anywhere the population may be able to find them, the group gathered at the St. Paimer--the merchant vessel they were scheduled to leave on the following day. During the day they had a long conversation with their newest member Beatrice as she had let it slip that she knew for a fact that the beast they killed wasn't a dragon. The conversation revolved around the issue of trust and how she wasn't allowing the party to get to the point of trust when she withholds information like that. She promised to inform the party whenever she knew something that could potentially harm them. Everyone agreed this was the best way to go and past sins seemed to have been forgiven; however, all that changed the first evening on the ship. When Carlo awoke from his nightly two hours of sleep he happened to hear a conversation being whispered in the hallway of the ship. Listening intently, he immediately recognized Beatrice's voice as one of the two people though didn't know who the other person was. After the conversation was over (which Carlo only caught the very tail end of so didn't pick up much information) the second figure came out of the hallway, stepped into a shadow and disappeared.

The following day Raul and Marius found themselves incredibly seasick so were basically worthless for the day. Father Daluka spent his time tending to one of the other two passengers who seemed to be somewhat close to death. This left Carlo and Beatrice relatively undisturbed so Carlo took the opportunity to confront Beatrice about her late-night visitor. Beatrice stated that the man she was speaking with wasn't a threat to the party and her relationship with him must remain her secret for the time being. Though incredibly skeptical about the entire affair, Carlo allowed the event to pass for the moment. Later that evening Carlo crept down to the hold of the ship where he was informed a prisoner was being kept and had a conversation with a woman named Kelli. Kelli claims to have been falsely accused by the duke but was not overly forthcoming with information...of course, neither was Carlo. Carlo left with a promise that he would be back sometime during the voyage to continue their conversation.
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