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The Master Crafter
Style: Dungeon Crawl
Character Starting Level: 11th
Ability Generation: 25 point buy
Classes Available: Pathfinder Core Book & APG
Races Available: Any
Alignment Requirements: No Evil Characters
Equipment Buy: Standard

The campaign starts in Nicosia, a large city known for its exceptional equipment, on the morning the king and queen are due to arrive. The city is setting up for a grand celebration and all respectable places are closed so the employees can help with the setup. From the moment you wake up you are well aware that today is going to be special.

Party info
All party members are known around town and have met each other before. Everyone has lived in Nicosia for at least 6 months. it is suggested to have a balanced party.
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I am basing the role of inquisitors in this church off of the Kushiel's Dart series(worth the read). In particular, the sect of Kushiel in the books. The inquisitors also they seek out those who pervert love and sexuality (rapists, sex slave traders [who I imagine would be mostly servants of Asmodeus in the pantheon laid out in the book], molestors,etc)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elua_and_H ... ns#Kushiel

In this role, they help "purge" those who suffer from jelousies, anger at romantic breakups, etc. as well as consoling those who have lost loved ones that the regular priesthood cannot assist.

About 100 years ago the Inquisitor Domrel brought back a terrible artifact an Idol of Zon-Kuthon capable of turning whole cities upon one another in fits of envy and jelousy. No artifice or craft could be found to destroy the item or stop its influence if it was displayed and visible. Domrel and the priests prayed to Shelyn for him to have the means to guard such an item for all time. The Prayers were succesful, after a fashion, and Domrel became one of the undead to fulfil his pledge. Until 5 years ago Domrel defended the admantine box containing the idol from those seeking to use the item within the (non-halowed) crypt of the Church. When not guarding the Idol Domrel returned to providing purgation to those in need at the church's request and performing day to day activites around the church and its grounds. He also advised inquisitors and other members of the church militant. 5 years ago the idol was stolen during a daring robbery of the church where crafty uses of the sanctitity of the church prohibited Domrel from giving chase until the thieves were gone. For the past 5 years Domrel has tracked down any leads or rumors about the idol seeking to resecure it, but so far without success.
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Anika Bixler (5 Dragon Sorcerer / 6 Dragon Disciple) and Ref Gorren (9 Zen Archer Monk)

Anika Bixler is the youngest daughter of Vincent Bixler a minor noble in Nicosia. The family is well know for it's influence in the fiber markets of the city and for their sorcerous heritage, although for all it's power the Bixlers have never appeared interested in the political underpinnings of the city. While every member of the Bixler clan is possessed of some arcane ability, Anika is by far the strongest in the last several generations. Four years ago, shortly after Anika's 17th birthday, she and her bodyguard, Ref Gorren, left the city supposedly to visit nearby metropolises in hopes of attracting a suitor. What few realize however is that Anika was attempting to track down the silver dragon that had lain with her ancestor nearly a hundred years before. When she finally came upon the dragon, Leifinerix, he was most amused that one of his children had finally sought him out. He agreed to help her further develop her powers, and so she trained with him for a full year before returning to Nicosia. After that Anika and Ref made many shorter trips to the dragon's cave so her training could continue, the rumors say that she has finally found a suitor and portions of the city anxiously await their ladies engagement. While in the city, Anika is often seen roaming the merchant's quarter, with her faithful protector, or in the courts where she has begun petitioning the city council to establish a Mage's Guild within the city. Now it has been nearly a year since Leifinerix's last call, and Anika grows worried that her training has come to an end. But that is a story for another day, for tomorrow the King and Queen are due to arrive.

Hope this works within your concept!
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