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Wahi [message #1091] Wed, 20 July 2011 22:17
Whai(stingray)is a Hanumi (mixed blood) my father was from Rekere and is a carpenter. He met my mother while working in Annanstrand during the rainy season 24 years ago. When he returned the following rainy season the Hanumi woman he had come to love had borne his child. Thrilled to have a child and a family he married the woman and took her and the newborn back to his village on Rekere at the end of the rainy season.

Wahi is the oldest of 4 children by the couple and began journeying to Annanstrand with his father 8 years ago.

Moukos, my father, was an active participant in the rebellion and has some friends that remain throughout the big island and the middle islands from that time. Wahi and his father stay among the groups of traditionalist in exile(the ones Iri met and talked to) in the city as his mothers people are among thier numbers.

Whai has been called to a holy purpose as a protector of sacred objects and people primarily those associated with Matamua from early in his teens being trained in combat styles of both the island peoples and the newcomers and developing his own connection with Matamua to better protect sacred objects / sites and to officiate ceremonial combats if needed, as he is known for being forthright and fair. As Wahi has come into adulthood he has been charged with transporting ceremonial items between the middle islands and semi-traditionalist in Annanstrand, typically such items include properly blessed tattoo implements, family bond items connecting those in Annanstrand with their families back on the middle islands, etc. that are stored at sacred sites in the middle islands to maintain their "purity".

This season however Matamua has sent him into a different direction. No sacred objects were to be guarded instead he was selected to go to the Locathah trading as one of the guards to ensure the safety of the shy aquatic bretheren. As the rambunctiousness of the Lua and Aru trading families not to mention other Annanstrand based visitors to the trading have been increasing over the past few years. While on this duty he witnessed a strange group of outlanders along with a mat dweller and an apparent exile arriving on one of his many "uncles" prized Catamaran.

Wahi, upon seeing these late arrivals, received a vision from Matamua who manifests as winged serpent / dragon / large reptile. So fascinated with what Matamua was trying to convey he even approached the female exile during one evening's dances. Although he was not able to glean any information from her, a change did begin occurring within him. His connection to Matamua began to manifest as developing the ability to cast new magics and on occasion growing the claws that Matamua's manifestations often have.

Upon being discharged from his duty at the market and receiving training in how to use his new gifts Whai has traveled first to his "uncle" to learn who these people are. Then to a village on the north shore of the big island.Where he became embroiled in the duplicities of Rokah, a fisherman by trade and infernal sorcerer in secret. In his 40's established and respected Rokah's new headdress was deserved for his station. It also allowed him to more effectively use the enchantment magics available to him to cause the wife of the local head man to begin an affair with him. He then began to recruit her and several other women in the village to begin meeting in secret while he feigned an injury that prohibited him from leaving with the rest of the men to fish. It was when the head man fell ill (the wife was poisoning him) as a result of Rokah's over eager desire to supplant the head man. Whai arrived in the town and when he discovered the affair he sought to address the violation of family only to discover an ensorceled woman and very dangerous sorcerer. It was only by luck that Wahi survived. A situation arose where the chief's wife was asked to endanger herself to try and kill Wahi that the spell was broken and the discovery of the bad influence in the villages midst was revealed. Rokah was able to use magics to make himself invisible and flee the area with his plans in ruins.

The past week he has been assaulted with both waking dreams and nights filled with images of flying lizards, fire, the raiding serpentfolk, and other strange portents. As well as verification that the magical headdress was not corrupted and bequeathed to him by the local elders Wahi is preparing to begin his searches for this Captain Morgan and his fellow travelers.
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