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Hoard from 10/13 [message #1433] Sat, 10 November 2012 07:56
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Apologies for not posting this earlier!

1x Darkwood Composite Short Bow [Lilly]
5x Masterwork Longsword [Harold's Cohorts]
1x Cloak of Resistance +1 [Kaldiris]
1x +1 Mithril Shirt
1x Bloody Courtier outfit, female [lilly]
3x sleep arrows [lilly]
100 arrows [30x Lilly]
1x potion, resist energy (fire) [solske]
1x oil of flame arrow [lilly]
2x scrolls, comprehend languages
1x scroll, see invisibility [solske]
4x masterwork studded leather [Harold's Cohorts]
4x Masterwork heavy wooden shields [Harold's Cohorts]
4x daggers
4x oil magic weapon [2x Kesten, 2x Akiros]
4x oil of silence [2x Kaldiris, 2x Lilly]
4x dose of poison, blue whinnis [lilly]
8x potion, cure light wounds [1x Akiros, 2x Kesten]
4x potion, hide from animals
9x potion shield of faith [5x kaldiris, 4x Trahea]
4x scrolls, gravity bow
4x composite masterwork longbow +3
1x masterwork trident
1x potion, barkskin [Davor]
1x scroll Cure Moderate Wounds [Kaldiris]
1x Scroll, resist energy
1x Darkwood Heavy shield [Davor]
1x Masterwork Hide Armor
2x Trident
2,000 GP in "Bric-a-Brac" [Spent 750 GP? I can't remember who, but I do have it written in my notes]
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