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Introduction to Qitresh [message #1447] Wed, 21 November 2012 15:19
Hello, below is a little background on Qitresh, the El'Karne and Monk character that I will be bringing into the Edge of the Waters game. I can't reveal everything about her but hopefully this gives you a look into who she is.



Summary: Qitresh is a young woman (19 years old) from The Steps. She was sold at the age of 10 to repay a debt of her fathers to a Ship Captain. Survived an onboard plague and was made an El'Karne. Her mentor "The Dog" trained her as an El'Karne Monk. She did well and worked her way up to high military ships. She was required to Witness a Red Empire navel ship christening where something dramatically changed her view of the Red Empire . She broke contract and left the military service as an El'Karne due to moral concerns. Her reputation was ruined by someone who followed her after that. She is a secret follower of Wella and gave herself over to what path her Goddess chose for her, setting herself adrift in a small boat with just her possesions.

Extended Histroy:

Qitresh was born on a fishing boat her mother captained in a storm. Her mother died after the childbirth due to the need to be cut open in order to get the baby out. There were no healers on board to stop the bleeding and the crude stiches made with fish hooks and line did nothing but cause infection. She died on the trip back to shore to get help. Her father was the boson and raised her as best he could but bad luck seemed to follow him. He lost her mothers boat, running her aground on rocks just off the coast and continually brought in pour hauls to the merchants. He borrowed money to buy another vessel, as fishing was all he knew, but a few years later he sank this one too. The debt owned could not be repaid and his only option was to trade his daughter to pay the debt. She was traded to a Merchant Ship Captain named Grigmack, who had known her Mother. Qitresh never knew the name of her mother as her father refused to talk about her or her death other than to blame Qitresh for it when drunk. The Merchant Captain was a good-natured man and was training her as a sailor, but on her first voyage a plague struck the ship, this plague wiped out almost the entire crew except for the strange man who was the ship's El'Karne, the Captain and 2 other crew besides Qitresh. Qitresh was not effected at all, just as the El'Karne was not, even the Captain and 2 crewmen that survived at least were brought low by it but managed to struggle through. The Captain, impressed by the Qitresh's luck and fortitude talked to "The Dog" and he took her under his tutelage to become an El'Karne Monk. "The Dog" was the toughest, most resilient, physical perfectionist and disciplined person Qitresh had ever met or even heard of. He was a brilliant teacher and taught her the ways of the El'Karne and the discipline of the Monk. Within a year Qitresh was contracted on another merchant vessel, a friend of her first Captain and while not as good natured he was respectful and she kept his ship safe in voyage after voyage. Eventually, the Merchant came into some bad times and sold her contract to a Military Captain who had a Sailing Ship. Qitresh was an excellent El'Karne, in calm seas or hurricane, in battles and in peace, she proved her luck, her worth and her ability to keep her ship safe and weather all that could be thrown at her, never letting a ship she was contracted to sink, be taken in battle or be taken unaware from weather or enemy. In the end she was contracted to one of the highest ranking ships in the Red Empire. Her life was full and her chest was filled with the spoils of her dedication and ability.

Then came a turning in her life, her ship, The Morning Crain, was called in for refitting, she was still under contract and so when the refitting was complete, the re-christening ceremony was to be held, The honor the Morning Crain had earned was so great that a daughter of the Empress, the Lady Deshnac, was to preside over the christening along with the Clerics of the Red Empress, The Captain, Krix Breegick and the Ship's El'Karne, me. I had never yet been at a military christening having spent all my time on ships already sailing, I was excited and even happy to be a part of such a momentous event, a Princess of the Empire, on my ship to christen her and the Clerics to bless her future and read what it would be. I did not know what this meant, I did not know what would be done, I did not bother to find out and so was blindsided by the events that took place that day. I shall not repeat them here, suffice to say, as soon as I was done I left the ship tearing my contract and leaving it on the deck, my floating chest, containing all my possessions following along faithfully behind. I was attacked by the Red Empire's soldiers on the docks to bring me in for the Clerics but easily avoided them running off and boarding a vessel just leaving. They welcomed an El'Karne aboard with open arms and we sailed off immediately.

That was the start of my misfortunes. It seems some magic or else someone or something has followed me since then. I have been on 16 ships, 16 voyages, all ending in deaths of the crew, loss of cargo, raids, Captains leaving without me or any number of other mishaps. All of these things happening while I was not on duty or away from the ship, the causes unknown, the luck and protection I offer useless to stop it.

I have prayed and found my way, I am stranded by my last Captain on the Isle of Awao, he would not let me board and told me to never come back. I will leave my course to Wella, to whatever course she deems I must follow to clear my shame, desolation of my heart and beliefs and regain my balance in the world. I set sail now in a small fising boat I have purchased, just my chest and some food and water for my unknown path ahead. I have tossed the oars overboard after rowing for a day out to the open sea and will see where my fate and my Goddess take me, but never again will I allow the evil I have witnessed to happen where I can stop it. I will find my fate and hope that it is in the bringing low of the Red Empire's evil ways.

Qitresh, El'Karne Monk of the 10th order.

Age 10: First boat
Ship Name: The Heavy Haul, Merchant vessel
Captain: Grigmack
El' Karne: "The Dog", apprentice Qitresh
Contract: 0 years 11 months Complete

Age 11: Second Contract
Ship: Red Waters, Merchant vessel
Capain: Brixgrin the Hard
El'Karne: Qitresh
Contract: 3 years, 4 months Complete

Age: 14: Third Contract (first military)
Ship: The Reckoner, Military Sailing Vessel
Captain: Zephyneir
El'Karne: Qitresh
Contract: 1 year 9 months Complete

Age 15: Fourth Contract (second Military)
Ship: Avenging Keel
Captain: Flurkria
El'Karne: Qitresh
Contract: 1 year 2 months Complete

Age 16: Fifth Contract (Third Military)
Ship: Hurricane Breaker
Captain: Drix'Malor
El'Karne: Qitresh
Contract: 1 year 5 months Complete

Age: 17: Sixth Contract (Fourth Military)
Ship: Seven Sails
Captain: Redrick
El'Karne: Qitresh
Contract: 2 years, 1 month Complete

Age 19: Seventh Contract (Fifth Military)
Ship: The Morning Crane
Captain Krix Breegick
El'Karne: Qitresh
Contract: 0 years, 5 months Contract Broken

16 voyages on vessels that did not contract me.
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