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Information on the starting setting. [message #1522] Mon, 04 March 2013 23:22
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The Lands
The world known as The Lands lies on the outside of an arm of a spiral galaxy that the southerners call The River of Milk. The Star system lies tilted perpendicular to the plane of the galaxy and so the northern hemisphere faces towards the dark of space with few stars in the sky and because of the constant cloud cover that varies from light to complete, most of the north knows nothing of the sky except the bright star they call Bright, the two moons that orbit opposite of each other, and three bright stars.
The two moons are Orind the orange-ish of the two and Pellar the white. Both are largish and bright enough to give good low light vision. Legend says they were once sisters in love with the hero Bright but fought over him and since he was unable to make a decision the gods cast them into the sky forever and the two sisters, still not reconciled stay as far away from each other as possible and spend equal time with Bright.
Bright is a G2V star of Magnitude 4.91 and is 9.91 parsecs away from The Lands.
The three stars are an apparent magnitude 1.5 named Tildor, located out from the Thirtieth longitude, Andre, a 3.5 due north, and Sillia a 4.8 red near the horizon.

The hamlet of Gilding where you all grew up and is the only town you know (boy are you in for a shock!) has only one reason for existing at all...It sits atop the richest gold deposit in the northern hemisphere. It was found and founded by escaped prisoners (pressed into digging the Tomb of the Di Ching Emperor which is 8 furlongs (1760 yards) away). The forge is located on the edge of town right next to the entrance to the mine. The town currently has 377 people that all live inside the 12 foot high and 15 foot wide wall made of quartz chunks. There is one inn and one great hall and one general store (get the picture?) for a total of 42 buildings all made from the quartz chunks. Most houses are two stories but houses several families each. As a result races that normally would have little to do with each other live and mix freely. And because a smaller town needs less people to guard the perimeter, many family's of several races reside under one roof. Llewlln live in the attic areas, Elves on the second stories, Humans on ground floor and Dwarves in the basements, most times each has their own entrance, but in some cases there is a common room with stairways and such for access, being in case of emergency a single doorway is easier to defend. No buildings back to the wall and an area is always kept clear for 15 feet from the wall. In addition several houses are usually adjacent to each other. The main road enters from the north through a 25' wide by 20' high gate and the only other gates are from the south the large one is 20' wide and 15' high and to 10' to the east is a man gate 4' wide by 6' high (yes, elves and half-orcs have to duck.). The southern gate leads to the fields and pastures. Each morning as the sun is rising and the late watch is about to retire, the first watch accompanies the farmers and herders with their herds of sheep and cattle out to their fields along with many of the young people. The farmers and herders inspect the fields to make sure that no undead have set up shop and to protect the young ones as they collect sticks and branches for fire wood for the houses and for the pyre that is lit each night to burn all that has died that day to prevent it from rising again.
A hundred feet from the wall begins the Greenwood Forest. An incredibly dense evergreen forest of Fir and Hemlock that you have been told once was brighter and full of life. Animals in the air, climbing trees, moving though the underbrush, but in your lifetime all you have seen of this is drawings on the inside walls of the elves and dwarfs houses...accept for the rats. When they were alive they scurried about and got into everything but in the last few years only zombie rats have been seen. The baby cradles are hung from the ceiling with large polished gold cones overhead to keep them from sliding down the chains and eating the children and the same is true for the legs of the beds and everybody wears knee high heavy leather boots for they know no fear of daylight and their hunger is relentless.

The Mine
The mine sits towards the south west corner and the shaft runs straight down for 80 feet and is accessed via a winch system, then runs horizontal for close to mile towards the south west. It consists of a main vein 4-6' wide and 14' high with pure gold running through a quartz matrix. It yields about 2.5 pounds per three cubic feet but has hardly been worked for the last 30 years because of a large stockpile and the lack of any caravans the last of which was 20 years ago.

The Tomb
The entrance to the Tomb of the Di Ching Emperor which is 8 furlongs (1760 yards) away lies north-east of town.

The town historian has kept track of when and how many volunteers and adventurers have been sent to control the "pests" that periodically start wandering out and plaguing the surrounding countryside and also how many returned. The numbers are not heartening. The last bunch was sent only 15 years ago. None returned and the various creatures seemed to not have been more that slightly reduced. Recently the number of people gone missing has increased with both men and women, who work in the fields outside of town, and children, who tend to be to adventurous and not attentive enough, all falling victim. The local leaders have sent to the capital repeatedly for assistance and either none of the messengers have gotten through or have been completely ignored in either case no word has returned. Now it has been decided that the best and brightest that are left need to go and do what they can to save their town. That's you.
Gilding is dying.
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