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Fort Drelev Addition [message #1812] Fri, 03 January 2014 18:41 Go to next message
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Here are the rules from the AP considering Fort Drelev (aka Trahia Falls). There are a few caveats I didn't see before regarding rebuilding the place.

Fort Drelev
N (formerly NE) small town
Corruption +4; Crime +0; Economy +1; Law +1; Lore +1; Society -2
Qualities Notorious, Strategic Location
Danger 10; Disadvantages Impoverished

Government overlord
Population 1,360 (1,200 human, 44 half-elf, 59 dwarf, 29 elf, 22 halfling, 20 half-orc, 5 other)

Notable NPCs
Baron Hannis Drelev (NE male human fighter 6/rogue 6) (Deceased)
Baroness Pavetta Stroon-Drelev (NE female human aristocrat 8) (Deceased)
Advisor Imeckus Stroon (LE male human evoker 12) (Deceased)
Baron's Mistress "Lady" Quintessa Maray (CN female human bard 10) (Deceased?)
Lord Terrion Numesti (NG male human fighter 6/rouge 3)
Madam Satinder Morne (CN female human cleric of Calistria 5/rogue 1)

Base Value 3,150 gp; Purchase Limit 3,750 gp; Spellcasting 4th
Minor Items +2 greataxe; Medium Items --; Major Items --

Kingdom Increases Economy +10; Loyalty +10; Stability +7
City Grid Borders 3 land, 1 water
Buildings Barracks, Brothel, Castle, House (2), Inn,
Pier, Shop (2), Shrine, Smith, Stable, Tavern, Temple,
Tenement (4), Watchtower
Special Before Fort Drelev's Kingdom Increases can apply,
20 BP must be spent to hire new workers and rebuild
structures to recover from the dreadful condition Baron
Drelev left the town in. Paying this BP cost also removes
the town's Impoverished disadvantage, which immediately
adds two minor item slots, increases the town's base value
by 1,750 gp, increases its purchase limit by 3,750 gp, and
decreases Corruption and Crime by 1.
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Having connected to Trahia Falls in Calistril, Hal will want to spend the 20BP required right away in Pharast -- and we had 41BP leftover that month as it is, so the recovery won't be a problem! In Gozran, Hal will spend some BP to upgrade Tenements to Houses...
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