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I want everyone to post their background information. It can be just the background stuff from character creation. However, if you want to embellish, that is great. Fill in as many details as you want.

If you don't want to post them in public, either send me a private message on the forum, or send it to me in email.
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Will's father, Chuck Rounded, came from a fairly well-to-do family -- but he eschewed the comfortable life for the role of fighter and adventurer. Chuck was knighted for deeds during a spate of barbarian incursions over 30 years ago: Sir Chuck started a family soon after, and Will is his first-born and only son. As a young boy, Will loved to hear tales of his father's adventures: in service as a knight, Sir Chuck was called on periodically by the Lord's Alliance to carry out missions of courage and combat. In this role, danger was quite common -- and it is sad but not particularly surprising that Sir Chuck was killed while adventuring, when Will was but ten years old.

Fortunately, Chuck had made arrangements for the event of his untimely death: his wife, Rhonda, and two children (Will and his younger sister, Rowena) had a paid-for manor home, and sufficient funds invested to live comfortably for many years. Also, Chuck had asked a close friend of the family -- Sir Mac McGuire, also a knight and adventurer -- to look after his family if need be. Within a few years, Will's enthusiasm for all things martial led Sir Mac to take Will on as squire. From age 13 through 17, Will had all the exposure to combat training and adventuring a teenager could handle, as well as observing first-hand the duties and responsibilities of a knight (well-executed by Sir Mac). Although the Rounded family had a small manor and two servants, Will frequently forsook these comforts for a rough life on the road, as squire to an active knight.

A year ago, upon Will's coming of age at 18, Sir Mac vouched for the young knight-to-be in the Rounded family's request for him to inherit his father's knighthood: when it was granted, the elder knight released his former squire into the service of the Lord's Alliance. Family duties occupied much of young Will's first year as man-of-the-house, as he mastered some of the tasks traditionally performed by the household's seneschal (and butler), Phineas Fingers. He also started becoming accustomed to the role of boss, firing the old and increasingly lazy groundsperson (being the seneschal's friend, she had been allowed to stay somewhat beyond her usefulness). Sir Will replaced her with the rather more able Concord, an eager orphan who was more than willing to dig, build fences, haul loads, and otherwise maintain the property -- in exchange for a comfortable room in the manse.

Will felt it was important to be ready in case a call for adventurers came out, so he instructed his two household servants, Phineas and Concord, to be ready for travel -- in the event Will was called upon for action abroad. Although investments set aside provided for a comfortable life, the family could not afford both a knight's mount *and* servants (but the women demanded servants!): without a steed, Will would need Concord to serve as porter -- while Phineas' maturity and experience would undoubtedly be valuable, compensating for Will's youth and unworldliness.

Will also took on a squire right away: Sir Mac's son, Mac Junior, was barely old enough to serve as squire, so Will readily agreed to return the favor Sir Mac had done in taking on Will. After nearly a year of training, Will feels he is ready to answer the call of duty -- as does the Lord's Alliance, apparently: Sir Will is finally getting the call for his first task!

(Will just turned 19 years old; McQuire the Squire is 14, Concorde is 15, and Phineas is at least 50)

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Ktas - 1st Level Cleric of Silvanus - 18 year old, female, Tiefling, Neutral

Folkhero - Defining Event!

The Duke decreed that all arms, save for simple dagger were to be confiscated. Apparently he feared an armed uprising. He troops did as he requested and weren't gentle about it. Those who resisted were made examples of. The populace quickly became defenseless again everyday threats and found themselves ever more dependent on the Duke for foodstuff they could easily get for themselves via hunting. The harsh winter resulted in many starving in their own homes fearing to cross the Duke. This could not stand. Ktas, along with a few others, snuck into the Dukes cast and stole back the goods. The interaction between Ktas and the Duke proved quite embarrassing to him. Simply put, he fainted dead away as she came out of the kitchen fire place at him, covered in shadow and flame. He has placed a bounty and she has fled for her life...

Current Whereabouts -

The Duke Elincorn is scouring the countryside for those that apposed him and cause him great embarrassment. Ktas is currently seeking refuge and training in a local temple dedicated to Silvanus. Father Dentri has taken her under his wing and is currently guiding her path and education.

Early Years -

Ktas was abandoned on an old woman doorstep. Gam Gam, raised goats and also happened to be a cleric of Silvanus. Ktas was raised in a loving environment and, while visitors were often skittish around her, the local folk grew to love her. She took quickly to the wilderness about the hamlet and even took to an old cobbler, Ethric who taught her the trade. Overall, her childhood was pleasant one.

Lost Love -

Buthric was my first love. However, he is also a coward and would have nothing to do with the uprising and broke off our relationship when I fled. I miss him and his kindness.

Personality -

Ktas is proud, strong willed, and stubborn. She is also quite self reflective and hold herself and others to high standards. She is also quite naive about the greater world around her and has limited experience regarding how her race is commonly viewed outside the hamlet. She views animals and wildlife as kindred spirits and doesn't like to see them needlessly harmed.

"Live in your world. Die in Mine!"
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Born the scion of a renowned wizard family, Berin was outcast when he had zero aptitude for arcane magic. He was taken in by a traveling Cleric of Selune, and found that he had an aptitude for divine magic. One night his mentor was slain, the only clue left was an alabaster mask. The abbot suggested contacting the scholars of Candlekeep to hopefully find out more information.

Berin has an unshakable optimistic attitude, holding himself to potentially impossibly high standards. He believes that we must all help bring about the changes the gods are constantly working into the world, and that he has been sent out into the darkness of the world to prove his devotion.

Secrets for the GM
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With the release of the Sword Coast Adventures book, Doug sez he might approve some retrofitting to our existing characters. The only changes I can see for my guys is swapping out backgrounds: Rodney would change from Entertainer to Faction Agent -- merely acknowledging the role he is actually serving in these days. Sir Will might just be an Order of the Unicorn knight rather that a Noble Variant knight.

The way I see it, both characters actually always had both backgrounds -- it's just a matter of which one means anything anymore: Rodney was always both Entertainer and Faction Agent, but now the effect and emphasis has changed in his life (he's been off the comedy circuit for a while!); Sir Will's retainers and recognition among nobles in the southern Sword Coast region were more defining before -- but displaced as he is from those things, the unicorn that has always been on his shield is now more noticeable. Also, the effects of the new backgrounds might come into play, but only if the DM has some idea of other Lord's Alliance agents and Knights-of-the-Unicorn we might encounter...

Note in each case I can swap backgrounds without having to change much in the way proficiencies: where Rodney previously got Acrobatics and Performance from his background, and took Insight and Investigation when he took the Lore College, I get the same effect by swapping proficiency sources. Now Rodney can have two extra languages from Faction Agent (Dwarvish and Elvish), instead of another musical instrument he doesn't use. (As a jester, he never used or needed the musical instrument from the Entertainer background.) Similarly, Nobles and 'Knight of the Order' types can get the same skills and one extra language -- Sir Will just loses retainers (already in effect) in favor of recognition among other 'Order of the Unicorn' followers. I hope he meets some!

sounds OK to you, Doug?

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