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Welcome to the Port Harbor Sagas! [message #2103] Sat, 15 August 2015 17:55
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First, let me say I am totally stoked to be able to grab the helm and DM again. I've learned a lot from you guys and I hope to put much of it into action. Smile

Okay, let's get down to the basics first...

We'll be using the DND 5E rules and tweak them as needed for our style of play and to make things 'work' in the campaign setting. Feel free to offer suggestions and whatnot. I'll try to be reasonable but reserve my power to use Rule O.

As promised, the campaign will center around the character's motivations, actions and the consequences of their choices. Player's should be prepared to roleplay their characters and are expected to come up with a backstory for each that helps us all understand how they fit into their world. (A write up after the August 29th is helpful.... a bulleted list of important stuff is just fine.)

Port Harbor Campaign Sagas Setting Guide - This guide will help fill out the campaign setting of the game. I'll be making additions to this as I have time and I'll put it in a different post and notate the sections I've added. The 'final' version will be made after September 19th.

Since I've already been asked this.. Players can choose from any of the classes and races provided in the Player's Handbook. I am NOT limiting alignment. Due to the nature of the homebrew some flavor of things will need to be tweaked. I'll make note of this in the settings guide.

Things to think on for the August 29th session...but we can discuss on forums too...

Type of Game:

- What type of game do you want? Dungeon crawls, political intrigue, heavy combat, exploration, mix?

Character Issues:
- How do you want to generate stats?
- Want to start as 0-level characters or 1st level?
- Running multiple characters... swapping in and out as time is needed for 'downtime activities' or multiples in the party at the same time?
- Want to use the 'renown' system?

Port Harbor:
- How old/large is Port Harbpor? I can run Port Harbor from a relatively recent settlement with the wilds basically at the door, where the local power structure hasn't been firmed up yet and there is general lawlessness to a 10 year-old town where the wilds are pushed back quite a bit and government is firmly entrenched. Or, anywhere in between...

Looking forward to hearing from you guys!!


"Live in your world. Die in Mine!"

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