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Tim's Odds & Ends [message #2295] Sat, 27 August 2016 21:15
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Having managed to not screw up the meeting with the metallic dragons, the crew returns to Waterdeep to inform the Council about the demands set forth by the Dragons to be met before they lent their aid.

With his share of the hoard of Arauthator, Tim (now a Drow) bought a component and reagent shop in town.

For the low price of 2500 GP, Tim bought the establishment lock, stock, and barrel. He immediately changed the name to Odds & Ends, and spent 100 GP to renovate (new paint, new uniforms, more stock, etc.) and reopened. He helped to run the store for 20 days while waiting to return to the Metallic Dragon council.

For it's first month (-ish) of operations, Tim worked hard to build a customer base, and set up the business to run smoothly while he was away.
Maintenance costs:

  • Daily Operational Costs: 60 gp [(2gp/day)*30 days]
  • Employee Salaries: 60 GP [1 skilled hireling * 2 GP/day * 30 days]
  • Total Costs: 120 GP

Bank Account:

  • Initial Deposit: 3,633 GP
  • Less Business Purchase: (2,500 GP)
  • Current Balance: 1,133 GP
  • Less Renovation costs: (100 GP)
  • Current Balance: 1,033 GP
  • Less 1st month's maintenance costs: (60 GP)
  • Current Balance: 973 GP

Running the Business:

  • First Month's Roll: 34 [1d100+20 (days Tim worked this month)]
  • Results: You must pay half the business's maintenance costs for each of the days. Profits cover the other half.


  • Last Will left with bank indicating turning the business and all accounts over to the employees in the event of Tim's death.
  • Current Months Operating Costs in account: 8 months, 3 days
  • All dice rolls can be viewed here (@PBE Games Online Dice Roller)
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