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SEESION #1 (April 8th)

On a nice spring day (dry and cool) in Neverwinter, a few dwarves found themselves thrown together with an elf and a Tabaxi:

- "Adric Truforger", a dwarven cleric;
- "Max D'Mahj", a dwarven wizard;
- "Mo D'Mahj", a battlerager;
- "Immeral Galanodel", an elven cleric (who lived underground for better part of 20 years, often with dwarven guides, and thus has a strong affinity for dwarves);
- "Sharp", a Tabaxi monk (that was following Max around town);

These five wanna-be adventurers joined to take a commission from the Rockseeker brothers (Gunren, Tharden, and Nundro): the trio have been searching for a forgotten mine believed to lay near Phandalin (they lost family members when the orcs overran the mine over a century ago -- as did the D'mahj family).  Gundren Rockseeker offered the commission to us for help in finding the mine. Gundren's going to Phandalin right away -- with his bodyguard Sildar -- while we get our affairs in order, and figures we'll meet him there in a couple days.

The next morning we readied, setting off first thing the day after that. It's a two-day trek from Neverwinter to Phandalin, traveling south on the High Road to the fork with the Triboar trail, then towards the Dessarin Valley.  Two nights -- one camp north of Leilon, one camp east of Leilon -- before we reached Phandalin.

Before arriving at Phandalin on the third day, we came across a pair of dead horses -- Gundren's and Sildar's horses!  As we examined the horse corpses, we were surprised by goblins...

After killing the goblins, we found a bloody map case (empty), and a trail leading north into the woods; after obscuring the ox and cart, we followed the trail.  We found a few traps along the way -- Sharp spotted 'em before we tripped 'em.  in the woods, the trail turned to follow a stream. eventually, a big thicket masked a cave entrance...

Some goblins arguing near the entrance heard Adric's chainmail -- and promptly attacked!  The goblins didn't last long...

Entering the caves, we found a kennel...the wolves were quieted whilst enjoying some purified horsemeat provided by Adric...

Following the stream underground, Sharp rounded a bend -- and was spotted by a goblin that ran off and alerted the rest of the tribe. The goblins released a wave of water -- which Max apparently dove right into.  Then Max stood 100' from the entrance whilst the others set up an ambush.  We only got one goblin -- and Immeral crit'd a wolf!

We tried setting a bonfire in the entrance to smoke the goblins out -- but the enemy released another flush of water and wiped it out.  Discouraged, we retreated to the ambush site, and set up camp.  Sharp set some traps, and a watch schedule.  The night passed without incident.

In the morning, we ventured back to the cave entrance -- stopping 100' away to watch:  there are 4 goblins on guard now...

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SESSION #2 (April 22nd)

I've been told the party found Sildar (Gundren's manservant), and detailed Max to protect him -- while the rest of the party re-entered the caves to finish the goblins.

Apparently they wound up battling and killing a bugbear that was leading the goblins, but were then TPK'd (except for Max) by the unusually brave and well-organized goblins -- leaving Max outside (with Sildar) wondering what has happened...

and all the new characters will start at 2nd level?

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SESSION #3 (May 13th)

When the party failed to return from the goblin caves, Sildar Hallwinter led Max to Phandelver. The pair arrived just after sunset, proceeding directly to the Stonehill Inn. A few of Max' cousins happened to be there -- Holly D'Mage, Brian Dimaggio, and Joe Dimaggio -- dining with a lady goliath known as "IceMelter".

Max promptly recruited them to help find out what happened to their cousin Mo D'Mahj (and the rest of the party) in the morning. He also got paid 10gp for delivering the cart. Max stayed at the inn, having a nice meal and a LONG REST.

Bright and early the next morning, four dwarves and a goliath headed back to the goblin caves -- we arrived without incident, shortly before 9am. Entering cautiously, we found no sentries on the bridge this time. Holly took point, leading us up a passage that ends at a sort of underground dam (used to wash out our bonfires in session #1). A chamber beyond the dam was the scene of yesterday's battle: Max' 4 fallen comrades lay among the numerous bodies of goblins plus one dead bugbear and a slain wolf.

We honored the dead (Max took the late Immeral's light crossbow and 15 bolts...), burned the goblins, and carefully looted the caves: 600cp, 110sp (120cp & 22sp each), 2 healing potions (Holly and Max), and a jade frog statue (worth about 40gp) -- and quite a number of crates with trade wares from the LionShield Costner Company.

Holly and Icemelter hustled back to Phandelver, to get a wagon, while Brian, Joe, and Max carried the crates closer to the entrance (using what was the wolf den as a staging area). In Phandelver, Holly convinced LionShield's Linene Greywin to send a couple of wagons to fetch their crates; the party received a 50gp reward was once they verified the crates had trade goods in 'em. We also garnered the favor of the LionShield guild! We were able to sell off our fallen comrade's gear as well (23gp each)...

Once we were back in town, Max spent most of his loot on a 50gp diamond (material component for Chromatic Orb -- he has a total of 4gp left). We also registered a claim on the caves with Holia Thornton (of the Miner's Exchange).

Brian commissioned LionShield to deliver scrap metal (a bunch of swords & daggers from goblins and dead party members) to our relatives at Mithral Hall...

When asked about Cragmaw Castle, Holia reports that a goblin that associates with the Redbrands might know of it. (The Redbrands are a gang of thugs that dominates the town.) Other places of interest: Tresendor Manor (ruins just outside town); the Sleeping Giant Inn on the east end (Redbrand HQ); the town master's hall; and the Shrine of Luck (where Sister Garele, an elf and Harper faction contact -- resides).

There's a bounty posted for wiping out orcs near Wyvern Tor posted at the town master's house. Harbin Wester (fat & pompous) sez Wyvern Tor is a day-and-a-half or so east. When queried about the Redbrands, he noted their leader is a wizard called Glasstaff...

Sildar wants us to rescue Gundren -- he has a Lord's Alliance commission for it -- but we don't know where Cragmaw Castle is. He also mentioned a fella named Yano is missing.

Back at the Stonehill Inn (proprietor is Toblin Stonehill, human from Triboar), we dined, caroused, and slept a 2nd night. (Max is down to 3gp now...)

Whilst in the pub, we heard a number of interesting things about the town:
- a farmer named Narth mentioned that Sister Garrele recently returned from the wilds a little roughed up;
- we might want to meet with Darran (owns orchard) -- a former adventurer;
- a miner named Lanarr saw a band of orcs to the east;
- Trilena (innkeepers wife) spoke of Fell Trndarr's shop getting shakin' down by redbrands -- they may have murdered him and are holding his wife and kid;
- Carp Alderleaf (son of Quellyn) found a tunnel outside town with Redbrands in it;
- a local weaver (Freyda) reports redbrands are hassling every business EXCEPT the miner's exchange...

The next morning, we set out for "our" caves: once again, no incidents along the way. We searched for goblin tracks leading away, hoping to find something leading to Cragmaw Castle. After a few hours wasted, the goliath finally spotted a promising trail leading north and east -- deeper into the Neverwinter woods...

After a few hours, we spotted a hunter's snare -- and avoided it. Several more hours later, the sun started to set: we had to camp out in the woods for the night. During mid watch, some orcs accosted our camp: they were quickly dispatched...

(We took the blades of their greataxes, for shipment to Mithral Hall later...)

We completed our LONG REST.

We spotted a keep in the woods around mid-day -- Cragmaw Castle! It looks pretty run down, but still architecturally sound, and populated by goblins. Seven crumbling towers, with mostly intact curtain walls connecting 'em (some breaches though). We cased the joint for an hour or so: the door of the front gate is off its hinges, but no guards are visible there. We can see some movement through arrow slits...


the session ended here.

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SESSION #4 (June 10th)

Whilst plotting Gunrden's rescue from the castle standing before us, we measured the distance between the edge of the woods and the nearest curtain wall: 208 yards.  We spent a couple of hours investigating the woods, looking for tunnels that would get us within 200 yards (without tons of archery withering our approach): no joy. At least cover of darkness would get us up to 60' from the wall, before the goblins with 60' darkvision would spot us.

Intent on night operations, we settled down for an afternoon nap. During 8 hours of mid-day rest, we set up a stack of wood to burn as a bonfire, positioned south of the castle. After sundown, we assigned Joe to light the campfire on our signal -- then we hustled in a big arc through the dark, around to the west, to a place 65' from the north wall. Then Max sent his familiar, Nowwel, up high on an aerial recon.  Nowwel (and Max, for brief periods, when he rolled back his eyes and saw through his familiar's senses) observed goblins at every arrow slit, with three on the north wall -- but Nowwel noticed there were only two guards by the gate in the west wall...

Owl flew over to our bonfire, and signal'd Joe to light it -- then returned over the castle to see the reaction.  The goblins did *not* leave their posts and crowd to the south; they seemed to be waiting for a signal from some leader.  We decided to run up where there are only 2 goblins, and go through the gate on the west wall.

It turns out there were also 4 more goblins -- and 4 hobgoblins! -- in adjacent rooms inside the gate! Luck was against us: during the fighting that ensued, we simply could not hit the bad guys, and they wiped us out...

Thanks to his job of tending the bonfire, this time Joe is the sole survivor!

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SESSION #5 (June 24th)

When his comrades failed to return from the castle raid, Joe Dimaggio returned to Phandalin, and immediately recruited a new band of adventurers to help find the lost mines. This new team included two more cousins from the D'Mahj family (Blunt and Fixtha), a gnome who had come with orders to assist the late Max D'Mahj ( Stickystickystumbo-noseerumbo-eepropinio-harabarabrisco-nish nominio-dumbrico), and a big cat-person looking for *his* missing cousin (Shadow). First thing next morning, the group headed north towards Cragmaw. We camped one night in route, and next day we camped just short of the castle. We maintained that 2nd camp for several days, while conducting extended surveillance on the castle; although not able to determine the strength of the forces within, we observed a few hunting parties leaving to obtain food periodically. We eventually harassed one of the hunting parties; which prompted a larger party of hunters later that day -- followed by a full-on war party the next day! We basically screwed that up rescuing Gundren and our predecessors, but we did kill a few goblins...

After a few days of guerilla tactics, we called off any further action on the fortified position. We returned to Phandelver, then headed east the next evening (with everyone having darkvision, night operations might be the way to go from now on). We headed to the Old Owl Well, and discovered a camp set up there. Since we arrived after midnight, the occupants were probably sleeping in the tents. The wind bore the scent of decay...

Our catfolk scouted the camp out, determined the decay was all around the well. There are a number dig holes around the remains of the tower here. Stick simply decided to enter the camp and ask the diggers what they're up to -- but we wound up battling 12 zombies! AND a necromancer...

The (presumably) evil wizard had some pretty good stuff on him:
- 35sp, 20ep, 20gp, 5pp;
- a potion of healing;
- a pearl worth 100gp (for identify);
- a beautifully carved small box worth 25gp;
- a pretty cool traveling desk set, with chair and hutch;
- and a scroll of Darkness;

We agreed to divvy up the cash; Shadow got the Ring of Protection; Stick got the pearl, the scroll, and the necromancer's spellbook (just spells that Stick already had -- it'll make a fine backup though!).

We decided to carry the traveling set with us, so Stick employed his Tenser's Disk ritual repeatedly (every hour) for the next two days, while we searched for the orc's camp. We eventually spotted a lone orc on watch...

(session ended here)

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SESSION #6 (July 22nd)

Stick had Nowwel do a recon flight over the lone orc, verifying the orc's solo status.  We found no way to get closer than 100 yards, so no sneak attack possible.  We easily identified the trail they use to ingress/egress the cave, so we waited until nightfall, and set up an ambush...

half-a-dozen orcs were accompanied by an orog and a full ogre!  They retreated after taking a couple oif losses.  We rested the remainder of the night, and approached the cave entrance -- two orcs stood sentry now.  As soon as we attacked, they etreated into the cave.  So we built a bonfire, and tried to smoke 'em out:  they did not come out, even after 8 hours of smoking out!

The next day, we went in and found their great cavern abandoned via a narrow passage in the back; the main cavern was so oxygen-deprived that we all took a level of exhaustion!  We had to get out before becoming any more exhausted...

We trekked back to Phadalin, and reported completion of the commission to quell the orcs at Wyvern Tor: Harbin sez if he doesn't hear about the orcs for a ten-day, he will reward us.

We visited Garelle at the temple of Luck -- but when Fixtha insisted on casting Healing Word on her, she kicked us out!

Shadow cased the Redbrand HQ at the Sleeping Giant Inn; about 40 redbrands seem to come and go over the course of a day.  Shadow observed that the proprietor, Grista, let them have free reign -- to a point (then she can hold her own if needed).

Next day, we headed out to our cave-claim, then to ThunderTree:  we have a note to speak to the druid there.  A stone tower with ruined roof stands over a ruined village.  We've heard it was abandoned some 30 years ago, when waves of undead swept through. Once we arrived, we headed directly to the tower -- with a stop by the abandoned bar along the way.  There appeared to be an intact cask, so Blunt went right in and poured himself a beer -- that's when the sound of shuffling footsteps started...

so much for going directly to the tower!

(session ended here)

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