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Revern Orbs [message #2530] Fri, 25 January 2019 18:48
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Revern Orbs

Properties of Orbs
- The orbs attunement is treated as a curse and may be removed by anything that normally removes a cursed item.
- There were originally twelve spheres made.

Orb of Critical Dispersal
- The wielder may transfer damage from a critical hit to an ally within 30ft. as a reaction.

Orb of Diplomatic Scales
- Wielder gains advantage on persuasion check but disadvantage on insight checks.

Orb of Agitated Wanderlust
- Wielder gains +10 ft of movement to their natural base but must always move 10ft. If wielder is unable to move in a round, the next round he may only move.

Orb of Wistful Arcana
- When casting a non-cantrip spell the wielder rolls a d20. If the roll is 11 or higher the wielder gains one spell slot of the same level as the spell cast. If the roll is 10 or under the wielder loses one slot of the same level or two slots of the next lower level.

Orb of Tongues Unscribed
- Wielder gains the ability to speak any language with a vocal component. The wielder cannot understand any written language.

Orb of Hammered Flesh
- Wielder gains a natural armor of +2 but has disadvantage on all dex save.

Orb of Blind Sightfulness
- Wielder gains True Seeing and gains advantage on perception checks involving sight. However, the wielder is completely blind beyond 60ft.

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