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SESSION #1 (August 3rd): whilst attending the funeral of Pierce D'mahj -- a dwarf we all knew in Baldur's Gate -- we were approached by a sun elf (Romalia Haventree) and her mysterious masked friend (Syndra Silvane). Syndra is dying from a death curse that is afflicting all of Faerun, and asked for our help in investigating the source of the curse...to that end, The Harper's want us to steal the spellbook/phylactery of a lich (Zapdara Cordless) -- while they distract her with an assault on her castle. We each got a HEALING potion, and a promise of 500gp (total for the party) if successful...

Bright & early the next morning, we boarded a keelboat; late evening 3 days later, we debarked near the lich's lair, and ran into a hidden tunnel entrance -- just as the Harper's attacked her house above. The tunnel led to a fairly large natural cavern, with steps carved into a massive central stone pillar -- leading to a ledge above, and to a stone door with a highly detailed skull carved into the wall above the door. That door was trapped, so we decided to go through another passageway...we went left first. A Magic Mouth went off, and two skeletons attacked -- Moss got a little scratched by one of 'em, then we wiped 'em out (BJB got a max-damage crit!!) (BJB used up both uses of Healing Light to restore 2 hit points to the tabaxi...)

We proceeded to a crystal-encrusted chamber: no time for mining, so we just went right through that space...a short staircase lead to a door with a carving on it (a kraken destroying a ship). As our paladin tried to kick in the door, spectral tentacles grabbed at him (but he saved and avoided 'em). Looking closer, our cleric noticed a rune in the carving -- which turned off the tentacles...

Beyond the door, a 30' hallway, with two doors on one side: the other end of the corridor opened into an L-shaped room; we could smell poisonous gas in that room. The first door wasn't locked: the stench of death accompanied a ghoul gnawing on dead adventurers -- it paralyzed cat-boy briefly before we exterminated the undead thing...BJB went in and found 25gp in the room...

We heard a bubbling fountain in the next room: opening the door revealed a statue of a demon vomiting a continuous mist of blood. The red mist hangs in the air throughout the room...paladin found a neato glowing gem (GEM OF BRIGHTNESS!) in a lovely fountain/pool (that was filled with blood precipitating from the air). BJB asked to carry the gem, and the others seemed fine with that...while we stood in the hall discussing who should carry the gem, two more ghouls emerged from the toxic gas area: BJB loaded his magazine of hollow-points for this fight (using his one spell slot to cast Hex): he got one decent hit out of it.

We dashed through the fume-filled room: there were three doors at the other end. One opened on stairs going up (we could hear the battle running above); one had an armory with stairs going down; and the third was locked. The armory had two flying swords (BJB nailed each one with a hollow point-round!); one of 'em chopped BJB pretty good, so he used up his HEALING potion to recover from the wound. The paladin acquired a magical shield (ARROW CATCHING) from the armory's wall...

There was a door leading past the armory: a smaller chamber, with one skeleton -- its arm was stuck in a trap door in the middle of the room, so we ignored it.

We went back to door #3: sparks were zapping around a pair of columns adjacent to an iron chest, protecting it from intruders -- and there was a specter guarding is as well. After defeating the specter (BJB blinded it with the Gem of Brightness!), we found buttons on the columns that turned off the lightning sparking around the columns. We then unlocked and raided the iron chest: 200gp, 3 spell scrolls (Feather Fall, Grease, & Witchbolt; BJB snagged all three scrolls) -- and the lich's spellbook! As soon as we touched the spellbook, Zapdera immediately appeared in the room! (BJB used another charge from the Gem of Brightness in an effort to blind her -- but she succeeded on her saving throw...) She seemed a little perturbed -- but she was also pretty messed up from the battle she just left...

(BJB's Gem of Brightness has 23 charges remaining)

session ended here -- next time: escape from the lich!

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SESSION #2, August 24th (5th day of Mirtul, 1493)

proposed a name for the group: THE SEVEN

(picking up where Zapdura -- the lich -- has just transported into the chamber where we just grabbed her phylactery:) Bond rapidly parlayed with Zapdera -- staving off annihilation and getting the party teleported to Ramala's command tent...once there, the lich took her book/phylactery back. Just before teleporting out (with her phylactery), Zapdera provided a clue to the Death Curse: the "SoulMonger" is hidden somewhere on the far off island of Chuult.

Syndra promptly teleport'd us to Port Nyanzaru; she paid us the 500gp (party fund) for the mission, and left. Minutes after Syndra wandered off to her appointment, we happened to meet Volothamp Geddarm (Bond & Arelius each purchased a signed copy his book, Volo's Guide to Monster's, for 50gp), who led us to Kiya's House of Repose. We each got our own room...

(Port Nyanzaru fun fact: there are 9 Merchant Princes that run this city...)

Volo encouraged us to attend the dino races, and to visit the grand souk. There are various job boards around town.

MID-DAY ACTIVITIES: Mr James-Bond spent an hour or two looking at job boards for coded messages to agents of Spektre (or informative tips secretly posted by 'Q'). Zill visited temple to Waukeen, while Arelius and Moss replaced their armor with more appropriate materials (a sorong) at the grand souk...

(rumor: one of the merchant princes, Wakonga Mutamu, may have information about the SoulMonger.)

Zill learned of a zhent agent seeking adventurers -- and advice to visit a place east of Mbala...

DINO RACES: we got there for an 'unchained' race...Bond bet 2gp on ScarBack to rampage, and 2gp on Grung-Stomper to win...he broke even...

After the race, we joined Moss in helping a contact collect some cash owed her...the party refused to pay...then the gladiator kicked all our asses...

The gladiator spared our lives (left us lying in his yard until we regained consciousness on our own), and we staggered back to Kiya's for a LONG REST -- and leveled up! (650XP)

(next session will start morning of the next day (6th of Mirtul, 1493))

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SESSION #3 . October 5th (6th of Mirtul)

We awoke to find our cleric and cat-person were sick -- so just Arelius and Bond ventured into the heavy rain, looking at the job boards: some guy named Lerek Dashlyn has some kind of map-making task to be done.

(elsewhere in the city: a Mr Atahzii hired Dave's barbarian, Gorlazz, to join our party...)

The spy and the paladin went to Lerek Dashlyn's house: he's collecting data for the Lord's Alliance, and needs a good map of Chult -- particularly one that shows good routes to Mangalore & Oralunga...the Alliance is offering a full-size sailing ship to adventurers who can provide such a map!

Proceeding back to Kiya's, we encountered a 1/2-elf lady ("Zendallah Climber") looking for her human father, "Ardis" -- who in turn was looking for his lost elven wife, "Alyssandra"...we took on the task of helping Zendallah find her father...
Volo reports hearing news that Alyssandra disappeared in the ruins of Mezro several years ago...Volo also mentioned an acquaintance named "Dalaonda" in the Red Bazaar, who may be looking for assistance...

(3 new rumors: pterafolk live near the Fire Finger, a few days up the Tirika river; also, watch out for the blue-tinged mist that occasionally springs up in the depths of the jungle. One more thing, bird-folk are holding the last heir of the warrior-king's of Chult, near a place called the Laughing Gorge...

Once back at Kiya's, Aurelius and Bond met up with Gorlazz: they also checked up on Moss and Zill. Then we departed for the Red Bazaar.

With the big new barbarian adding some real muscle to our team, we decided to take a detour on our way to the Red Bazaar -- to visit that gladiator again (trying to convince him to pay his debts)...we got our butts kicked again, too...once again, the gladiator spared our lives (left us lying in his yard until we regained consciousness on our own), and we staggered back to Kiya's for an afternoon nap (SHORT REST)

(We earned 300XP for surviving -- brings us all to 950: THIRD LEVEL! (but won't level until next long rest...))

After our nap, we proceeded to the Red Bazaar: Dalaonda just needs a package picked up from a warehouse...we went to the warehouse district, showed the warehouse guards the pass Dalaonda gave us, and entered the buidling. Once we were inside, the door was closed and locked behind us! We wound up fighting some kind of wierd zombies -- with small plants growing out of 'em -- and both Aurelius and Bond fell in battle (before going down, BJB used up the WitchBolt scroll -- to good effect); luckily, Aurelius stabilized on his own, and Gorlazz managed to finish the final zombie and stabilize BJB just in the instant before the spy would have died. The barbarian propped Aurelius and Bond against a column, then investigated the warehouse for Dalaonda's package -- but within minutes, Gorlazz was killed by a musk creeper!

Aurelius and Bond woke up three hours later (with 1 hit point each): we spotted Gorlazz' corpse, but when the paladin approached the body, the creeper killed Aurelius!. Seeing this, Bond ran to the door, picked the lock, and GTFO'd...

session ended here...for the morning of Mirtul the 7th, I reckon Bond, Moss, and Zill will need to find a couple of replacements to fill out the team! (both Dave and William appear to be making casters to replace their fallen characters...)

all players are currently at 1,050XP -- THIRD LEVEL!

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SESSION #4 (October 24th)

(7th of Mirtul)
Bond woke up refreshed from the deadly late night foray to the warehouse; he nabbed Zill and Moss for a quick breakfast -- and reported the paladin's demise. He also mentioned that the barbarian we had just met was killed by the same creature.

We decided we need locals in our group, and it just so happened a pair of tortles were having breakfast at Kiya's: Dave's new guy, ("Darwin") and William's new guy ("Koopa"). They agreed to join our party, and we proceeded directly to the warehouse, intent on recovering the paladin's body (and in particular his magic shield).

There were already new zombies generated during the night -- we had to battle the corpses of our recently passed friends! After a hell of a fight, we destroyed 4 more plant-zawmbeze -- *and* we took out the Musk Creeper! We got the magic shield, plus all the other stuff from the dead characters (all SOLD -- everybody got 50gp!). We also snagged a large crate of Daelonda's imported specialty bee's wax...

We went back to the Red Bazaar: not surprisingly, Daelonda was nowhere to be seen...we managed to sell off her bee's wax for 250gp (another 50gp each) When we got back to Kiya's, we informed Volo of Daelonda's treachery -- he sez he's in our debt for keeping him from facing the danger himself...

After a SHORT REST for lunch, we revisited tha gladiator once again -- but this time, Zill successfully cast Charm Person, and the big goon agreed to pay his debt without a fight! (each party member earned 10gp)

We had previously noted a request to escort a Zhentarim agent named Roca to Fort Beluarian, apparently so he can prove the Flaming Fist there are in cahoots with pirates that using Fort Belurian as a base...he'll reward us with a license to explore the jungle (a 50gp value!), and introducing us to a couple of river guides. This will facilitate further adventuring...

We agreed to meet him next morning for an early departure to the fort.

When we arrived back to Kiya's that afternoon, the gladiator ("Tebin") was waiting for us: that Charm Person thing did not sit well with him! With our improved party mix, this time we bested him in battle; to show no hard feelings, we then invited him to dinner. Over the evening meal, he stated that if we pay him a mere 10gp, he'll join our next outing.

session ended here

490XP awarded, and the total gold (from selling the bee's wax and dead character's stuff, plus getting the gladiator to pay his debt) was 110gp...

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