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session #5 [message #2553] Wed, 11 December 2019 07:56
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November 23rd

(8th of Mirtul) The gang was up before the sun (except for Koopa, who was sick again -- but Tebin was there this time!); we met up with Roca, and headed for Fort Beluarian...first, a stop at a pub in the seediest part of Port N. (pub named "Bucket o' Blood"), where we met our two tabaxi guides, a brother-and-sister team ("Flask of Wine" and "River Mist").

After Roca paid the guides, we spooged ourselves with plenty of insect repellent, and took a river boat ferry up the Tiryki, headed east out of Port N. Once the river started to enter jungle, we got off the ferry, and spent the night at a camp on the bank of the River Tiryki.

(9th of Mirtul) Next morning, we headed north, through a vast stretch of grassland. Around mid-morning, we spotted a flight of aaraocokra overhead: River Mist believes they're from the aerie known as Kir Saval -- a community of bird men that routinely conducts aerial patrols.

After lunch we reached the edge of the jungle. We skirted the jungle, continuing North. The day's trek ended without event. Bond took first watch that night, followed by Moss, then Darwin...during 2nd watch, Moss noted several swarms of centipedes approaching -- and got us up before they attacked. Several of the party got stung during the ensuing battle -- but, remarkably, all succeeded on Con saves!

3rd day (10 Mirtul): we proceeded north through the sweltering heat. Just before lunch, velociraptors decided to start lunch early...THE RAPTORS SLAUGHTERED BOND INSTANTLY (Bond was surprised, then every single possible strike hit, all for above average damage, with an extra hit and a crit after the warlock was down...)...nobody else in the party was particularly hurt as they wiped out the velociraptors...

(BJB's Gem of Brightness went to Zill -- it has 18 charges left...)

The afternoon passed without further incident...

(11 Mirtul): next morning, the party continued along the jungle's edge -- as that edge trended a bit east. The day passed without incident. That night almost finished without incident as well -- but just as dawn spawned, a Quetzalcoatl attacked! It got one good bite on Darwin before its demise...

(12 Mirtul): The team lost a day of travel, as a tropical storm brought heavy rain -- they hunkered down all day...at least the weather drove off any threats...

(13 Mirtul): Another hot jungle day, with only light rain; the gang trekked uneventfully to about 4 miles from Fort Beluarian, and camped.

(14 Mirtul): The party hiked the final 4 miles to Fort Beluarian, noting the flag of Baldur's Gate flying above the gate. After introducing ourselves to the gate guards, the party was surprised to find a fellow claiming to be "Bond James-Bond" waiting to re-join the team; although he didn't look like the previous guy, he did seem to be the same person...

Then we met with Gruta Hallsdotter, the castellan of the fort -- and 2nd in command to the Flaming Fist's leader, Leira Porter (who apparently holds a rank called "Blaze")...

Roca already knew that Leira's quarters were on the 2nd floor of the keep: he needed us to keep her occupied for at least 30 minutes...and our distractions had to be something very important. We decided a classified briefing about the Death Curse would distract Liera, while a health inspection would occupy Gruta. Also, a musical performance outside the main gate, to attract off-duty troops...

It was quite a struggle (stupid dice...) to convince Liera to take a private meeting, but Bond finally got her into his classified briefing -- in an undisclosed location, rather than her office. This provided Roca the distraction he needed!

Mission accomplished! We each got 50gp from Roca!

(15-19 Mirtul): we headed back to Port N. The first two days, were uneventful, but on the 17th, Moss noted his pack his been ransacked, and all his cash (150gp!) is missing; our guides report a chalinga probably did it...

We camped out for THREE DAYS, hoping to waylay any chalingas returning to steal more of our treasure: Moneypenny watched from an invisible perch. We never did see 'em -- but they did return Moss' stolen money, one coin at a time...

(Mirtul 20th): we proceeded south, and at some point that day we encountered EIGHT GHOULS!

session ended with battle pending...

200XP awarded

everybody seemed to think they could attend on December 21st -- so that is current plan for session #6...

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