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Making Morgan's Marauders Mightier... [message #1090] Wed, 20 July 2011 20:08 Go to previous message
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Regardless of the next incarnation our fifth PC may take, I would like to suggest this group strengthen our ranks.

1) Primarily, I think it would serve our group well to consider Bulla and Tern as peers, or at least junior partners. If they are willing to take the combat risks we are, perhaps diverting more money so that they might improve their armaments (and, perhaps, lot in life) is in order. Right now we provide them with a mere pittance of a wage for risking life and fin.

2) Secondarily, there are a variety of potions that I could make for the group to form a "potion library" - if we were willing to set aside a little money as a group.

1st (25 gp in raw materials for caster level 1)
* Ant Haul
* Crafter's Fortune
* Cure Light Wounds
* Endure Elements
* Enlarge Person
* Jump
* Keen Senses
* Negate Aroma
* Reduce Person
* Touch of the Sea

2nd (150 in raw materials for caster level 3)
* Aid
* Barkskin
* Bear's Endurance
* Blur
* Bull's Strength{*]Cat's Grace
* Cure Moderate Wounds
* Darkvision
* Delay Poison
* Eagle's Splendor
* Fox's Cunning
* Invisibility
* Levitate
* Owl's Wisdom
* Protection from Arrows
* Resist Energy
* Restoration, Lesser
* Spider Climb
* Undetectable Alignment

3rd (375 in raw materials for caster level 5)

* Cure Serious Wounds
* Displacement
* Draconic Reservoir
* Elemental Aura
* Fly
* Gaseous Form
* Haste
* Heroism
* Nondetection
* Protection from Energy
* Rage
* Remove Blindness/Deafness
* Remove Curse
* Remove Disease
* Tongues
* Water Breathing

(note, I can't actually make the 3rd level ones until next level - and I don't actually know all of these spells yet).

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