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SESSION #43 (September 30th)

We spent some time establishing guidelines for admission of new members to the Sterling Edge Guild:

- no evil, Wymego, or Brencia;
- progress from Pledge level to Apprentice by being awarded 11 'points'
- killing other members is cause for dismissal (except self-defense, or vote)

Wind & Colors day 1: in the morning, Io got a note: a homestead claim northwest of Elo Enclave needs help quelling some mischievous kobolds. Eager to get his main field team some downtime, and to get some of the other guild members more field experience, Io decided to assign the mission to Beorg and Spontaloneous Jack.

Beorg recruited a tabaxi ('Caress of Fog' -- but Beorg promptly started referring to the catfolk by a nickname he made up on the spot: "Kibbles") and a triton (named Karos -- but Beorg calls him "Chum"), while Spontaloneous recruited a gnome ('Sean') and a dwarf ("Ironbutt" Kilduran). (All of these new guys had just arrived on a ship called Grey Sparrow -- possibly the final ship to arrive this this year! -- as they came by our tavern looking to join a guild...)

W&C day 2: bright and early, after breakfast -- and some tactics talk (Beorg also distributed some Goodberries) -- the party hit the road north; we arrived Elo Enclave just after noon.

The Enclave reported some problems with their well; Chum readily noticed there's no water at the bottom, just an inch or so of sludge. Since Kibbles is an excellent climber, he climbed down the well -- and Beorg insisted on using the buddy system (orders from Io), so the catfolk carried Spontaloneous Jack down with him. They discovered an underground riverbed -- but it looks like the river has dried up. They explored the waterway for a bit, and found the cave passage was plugged a quarter-mile upriver. Kibbles went back and got the dwarf to assess the underground issue.

As Sean and Spontaloneous took a closer look at the plug, Caress of Fog set up his net hammock as a capture net at the bottom of the well -- in case something pulled the plug and the two gnomes wash by. (Beorg tried to make time with Lizda while the FNGs explored below -- but eventually got slapped, of course). Sure enough, Spontaloneous managed to dislodge some kind of keystone on the blockage! As a mighty wave released, Spontaloneous ran ahead and started to climb out -- while Chum fell behind and got caught up in the flood. The triton was able to swim hard enough upstream against the water's fast flow, so he was not swept completely away to his doom.

session ended here.
____________________________________________________________ ____

SESSION #44 (October 14th)

the DM awarded 800XP for Session #43!

We started the session having just climbed out of the well. Pleased to have the water source restored, Lizda happily offered quarters for a night's rest -- a nice dinner was included...

Wind and Colors day 3 (bright and sunny)

Beorg woke up with Darkvision! (leveled up, and took 'Stalker' sub-class)

We headed off to find the homesteaders. We had to wipe out a pair of bugbears along the way -- Beorg took an hour to properly harvest skins and meat! When we found the encampment, the palisades had a pair of kobold heads on pikes. The homesteaders seem to be very on edge; they took us to their leader, "Herv". After some stressful discussion, Herv detailed a guy named "Wildern" to lead us to the cave that the kobolds collapsed as a trap.

Along the way, Beorg expressed his theory that the kobolds may be taking the fall for some kind of fey mischief: at that suggestion, Wildern instantly turned bright red -- and tried to stab the ranger! Beorg promptly clocked the guide, then had someone else wake him up...

Half-an-hour downriver, we found the caved-in caves. Our dwarf verified the cave-in was a trap. Boerg's Primeval Awareness check suggests there's a collection of 50+ humanoids further downriver, so we trekked toward that. At half-a-mile away, Beorg halted the party, then he and Spontaloneous Jack snuck forward to scout the kobold enclave. We spotted a lone kobold on watch: Spontaloneous Jack cast Disguise Self to look like a kobold, and charmed the sentry, then took him back to the rest of the party. Unaware that Spontaloneous had departed, Beorg crept forward -- and fell into spiked pit!

Spontaloneous was still disguised at akobold when he got back to the rest of the party -- there was some confusion, and the kobold Spontaloneous Jack had captured was killed before he could be questioned. The party came forward, and attacked -- we killed a dozen kobolds...

Then an invisible fey mentally conveyed that a conscious node of power is trying to make us leave. We made a deal to exchange "hostages", and went to the man-camp to get Wildern -- but Herv refused to use his men. So, Beorg agreed to be the hostage.

Next session, we will trek to the deep-woods consciousness and see if Beorg will be a satisfactory hostage...

session ended here

500XP awarded
____________________________________________________________ ____

SESSION #45 (October 28th)

Late on W&C day 3, we camped out just outside the Ulines' claim. Very dark night (near new moon), with aurora overhead, right above the node. 3rd watch was interrupted by grimlocks -- they wandered out of the underdark? -- who seem to really hate dwarves (max damage repeatedly)...

W&C day 4: (sunny, light breeze)

We strode to the 'node': a set of severely weathered menhirs, in a circle -- centered in a mile diameter clearing. Spontaloneous Jack spent 10 minutes to cast Detect Magic, but didn't detect anything in particular. Beorg stepped across the stones' boundary: his perception kicked into freaky high gear; colors are exaggerated, motes are obvious, it all seems extra bright. The new guys sensed various other effects (Beorg & Jack didn't sense anything extra).

Beorg proceeded to the very center. A slight rise had a mini-circle, surrounding a stone disk; a black globe of total void sits on a pedestal (that appears to have erupted from the stone disk). This circle is not weathered. No motes within the inner circle, and inner voices told us to enter for parlay. A child-like figure (with void eyes) appeared, spoke in an adult-like voice: his name is "Eloo". Kildurin grabbed the stone -- and his eyes turned into voids as he viciously attacked the party (Beorg fell to a max-damage crit!)...

The party killed the 'child' easily, then knocked Kildurin out, took a short rest, and shattered the orb...the nothics that appeared *almost* TPK'd us! Luckily, Beorg, Caress of Fog, Kildurin, and Sean all stabilized during the fight.

We reported our success to Herv, and had lunch with him. We headed back, but along the way Sean and Caress of Fog went blind! (apparently from ingesting some of the mud from the well a few days ago...)

We got back to the Elo Enclave -- blind dudes in tow -- and spent a couple of days (to cast Lesser Restoration on the two blind guys, and two Enclave children). Kibbles and Sean accepted membership the Elo Encave -- and got rich treasures! (an ALCHEMY JUG and a potion of GROWTH)

Back in Port Harbor (on the 6th day of Wind and Colors); the guild collected the reward for the mission.

session ended here

550 XP awarded, and 2.5gp each for Beorg and Jack
____________________________________________________________ ____

SESSION #46 (November 11th)

W&C day 7 & 8: the 'B' team -- sans Beorg -- investigated and captured the "ooze-master" (1/2-elf named 'Skanro', who is affiliated with the Silverfish), helping the Elo Enclave...

several magic items were found, including a RING OF RESIST NECROTIC DAMAGE and a RING OF WARMTH, plus a COLLAR OF LOCATION, a scroll ("LIGHT"), two potions (HILL GIANT ST and GREATER HEALING), a WAND OF DETECT MAGIC, and an ALCHEMY JUG (mayonnaise for everyone!)

session end on a LONG REST

650XP for those present at this session (not Beorg)

____________________________________________________________ ____

SESSION #47 (December 9th)

W&C day 9 (drizzly):

the party decided to turn the "ooze-master" over to the royal court. They headed back to the Elo Enclave, but decided to press on into the night -- at least until somebody got a level of exhaustion -- in fact, they even went another hour, until Kibbles got a 2nd level of exhaustion! They had to camp several miles short of Port Harbor...the "oozemaster" turned his sleep spot into a disgusting mushroom patch within minutes.

W&C 10: in the morning, Spontaloneous sent Kibbles ahead to alert Sterling Edge: Tag visited "the butcher", came back with a representative named "Alice". Beorg -- and his new intern, Norman -- joined Kibbles and Alice as they rode out to meet the inbound team (Alice had a couple of horses for us to ride out on)....

Once we met up, Norman recognized Skanro! Alice just observed -- and reported we had met the requirements for the mission to address the problems slime-boy was creating. (We are gonna get paid!)

After much discussion, we decided to take the spooge-meister to the mighty dryad "Geo" (the one with orb in her abdomen). To prevent Skanros from making anymore of a mess, Norman ritual'd Tenser's Disk every hour as we traveled. We camped a bit south of Elo Enclave.

During 2nd watch, a burrowing bullette appeared!

W&C 11: in the morning, we went into the woods, hoping to see the dryad: we were intercepted by some ducks -- we told the ducks we want a audience with the leader of the area, and they lead us north on a game trail...

550XP awarded for today's session
____________________________________________________________ ____

SESSION #48 (December 30th)

W&C 11 (continued): we proceeded down the trail for an hour or so, and it suddenly turned into a veritable road, with evidence of heavy traffic; looking back, we realized the game trail has been made to look obscure. The ducks refused to continue with us.

We strode the widened path until wood wodes blocked our path: when we told 'em we were looking for "Geo" (the dryad), they escorted us to a meadow. Before we entered the meadow, the wodes paused and signaled that Slime-boy cannot continue into the meadow...we conveyed that we don't want to leave Skanros on the ground, so one of the wodes picked the unconscious creep up and held him aloft. (We advised the wode to knock slime-boy out whenever he stirred)

We proceeded into the meadow, and stood beside a lovely spring: we heard some babbling (probably the language Aquan) encouraging us to a corner -- where we met the giant dryad, Geo. Norman asked her to help us eliminate the threat posed by Skanros, but she wanted nothing to do with him. She advised disposal in the sea, and asked us to get him away from her forest.

We decided to head back to Port Harbor as quickly as we can -- but planning *not* to bring slime-boy in to town! Part of the party will hang out several miles away from town, and send Beorg or Spontaloneous Jack in for resources...

As we passed south of the Elo Enclave, we heard what sounded like the screams of a woman. Kibbles raced off to investigate, with Beorg, Kalduras, and Sean falling behind (Norman and Spontaloneous stayed behind and guarded Skanro on Norm's Floating Disk). The catfolk eventually spotted some hideous monters (Leucrottas) making the shrieking noises...and ran back toward the party, leading 'em right to us! With Beorg, Kibbles, Kalduras, and Sean all in the fight, we managed to wipe 'em out in a few rounds.

Meanwhile, another pair of Leucrottas attacked Norman and Spontaloneous -- but during the course of that fight, Norman ignited a grass fire, which rapidly went out of control! By the time the rest of the party got back to help, Spontaloneous had fallen in the tall grass, and the fire was sweeping over his body -- and the body of Skanros! Just as Beorg ran into the smoke to look for the slime-ball, the slime-mage's body exploded from the flames; at that point Beorg just ran for his life. The blast also knocked Kibbles out, and the tabaxi died when the wildfire swept over his body as well. The dwarf was able to pull Sean and Norman to safety, and we ran for several hours to stay ahead of the fire.

We eventually got a chance to rest, and circled around the fire area back to the road into Port Harbor. The fire hit some natural fire breaks, and went out on it's own. The four survivors report into the guild, and on the 12th day of Wind & Colors, we rested -- and considered distribution of the unburned equipment from the dead.

session ended here

800XP awarded to the survivors!

next session will start on Wind & Colors day 13...a Ten-Day of downtime for Io!

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