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SESSION #1 (August 3rd): whilst attending the funeral of Pierce D'mahj -- a dwarf we all knew in Baldur's Gate -- we were approached by a sun elf (Romalia Haventree) and her mysterious masked friend (Syndra Silvane). Syndra is dying from a death curse that is afflicting all of Faerun, and asked for our help in investigating the source of the curse...to that end, The Harper's want us to steal the spellbook/phylactery of a lich (Zapdara Cordless) -- while they distract her with an assault on her castle. We each got a HEALING potion, and a promise of 500gp (total for the party) if successful...

Bright & early the next morning, we boarded a keelboat; late evening 3 days later, we debarked near the lich's lair, and ran into a hidden tunnel entrance -- just as the Harper's attacked her house above. The tunnel led to a fairly large natural cavern, with steps carved into a massive central stone pillar -- leading to a ledge above, and to a stone door with a highly detailed skull carved into the wall above the door. That door was trapped, so we decided to go through another passageway...we went left first. A Magic Mouth went off, and two skeletons attacked -- Moss got a little scratched by one of 'em, then we wiped 'em out (BJB got a max-damage crit!!) (BJB used up both uses of Healing Light to restore 2 hit points to the tabaxi...)

We proceeded to a crystal-encrusted chamber: no time for mining, so we just went right through that space...a short staircase lead to a door with a carving on it (a kraken destroying a ship). As our paladin tried to kick in the door, spectral tentacles grabbed at him (but he saved and avoided 'em). Looking closer, our cleric noticed a rune in the carving -- which turned off the tentacles...

Beyond the door, a 30' hallway, with two doors on one side: the other end of the corridor opened into an L-shaped room; we could smell poisonous gas in that room. The first door wasn't locked: the stench of death accompanied a ghoul gnawing on dead adventurers -- it paralyzed cat-boy briefly before we exterminated the undead thing...BJB went in and found 25gp in the room...

We heard a bubbling fountain in the next room: opening the door revealed a statue of a demon vomiting a continuous mist of blood. The red mist hangs in the air throughout the room...paladin found a neato glowing gem (GEM OF BRIGHTNESS!) in a lovely fountain/pool (that was filled with blood precipitating from the air). BJB asked to carry the gem, and the others seemed fine with that...while we stood in the hall discussing who should carry the gem, two more ghouls emerged from the toxic gas area: BJB loaded his magazine of hollow-points for this fight (using his one spell slot to cast Hex): he got one decent hit out of it.

We dashed through the fume-filled room: there were three doors at the other end. One opened on stairs going up (we could hear the battle running above); one had an armory with stairs going down; and the third was locked. The armory had two flying swords (BJB nailed each one with a hollow point-round!); one of 'em chopped BJB pretty good, so he used up his HEALING potion to recover from the wound. The paladin acquired a magical shield (ARROW CATCHING) from the armory's wall...

There was a door leading past the armory: a smaller chamber, with one skeleton -- its arm was stuck in a trap door in the middle of the room, so we ignored it.

We went back to door #3: sparks were zapping around a pair of columns adjacent to an iron chest, protecting it from intruders -- and there was a specter guarding is as well. After defeating the specter (BJB blinded it with the Gem of Brightness!), we found buttons on the columns that turned off the lightning sparking around the columns. We then unlocked and raided the iron chest: 200gp, 3 spell scrolls (Feather Fall, Grease, & Witchbolt; BJB snagged all three scrolls) -- and the lich's spellbook! As soon as we touched the spellbook, Zapdera immediately appeared in the room! (BJB used another charge from the Gem of Brightness in an effort to blind her -- but she succeeded on her saving throw...) She seemed a little perturbed -- but she was also pretty messed up from the battle she just left...

(BJB's Gem of Brightness has 23 charges remaining)

session ended here -- next time: escape from the lich!

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